What is the status of subtasks in Odoo 10?

Hello guys. Still me!

We are on Odoo 10.

We want to create a sale order with many service product based on task timesheet. It is our goal.

I have searched the code this afternoon about subtasks in Odoo 10 community. I've found many code about this.

I would say that it is not well implemented at this moment. Am I right?

And what about this module? ( should it not work by default in Odoo 10?

How is the situation actually with the subtasks in odoo 10?

I take any informations about this. Please guide me.

thanks all (once again)!


We take any infos, answer and comments about theses following questions/comments.

1) Is there some configuration to enable to get all the implemented functionnalities about subtasks in Odoo?

2) In a sale order, we create two lines. Each line is a service product who creates a task and track hours. Is it possible to create subtasks for a task (line of the sale order) and get hours tracked in this sale order line?

3) In my head, a subtask is a task that should have a parent_id. But I don't find the way to fill this field (parent_id) on a task. I have even put the field parent_id on the task form view, but when I save, the parent_id stay empty. I don't understand why this field parent_id is invisible by default in Odoo.

4) How to get hierarchical view with tasks and subtasks in the menu Tasks analysis? Impossible to display subtasks in a task. Probably for the same reason I can't fill the field parent_id on a task.

Thanks for all!


To display more informations about subtasks, I have made these changes in the hr_timesheet.view_task_form2_inherited view.

I have changed this code :

    <field name="parent_id" attrs="{'invisible' : [('parent_id', '=', False)]}" />
    <field name="child_ids" invisible="1" />
    <field name="subtask_project_id" invisible="1" />

For this code :

    <field name="parent_id" />
    <field name="child_ids" />
    <field name="subtask_project_id" />


Great explanations about subtasks on this page. Click on "..." to get de text displayed :


An other interesting link from this forum :

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Ray Carnes

What do you expect to happen and what is happening? I can't understand what problem you are explaining. You want to create X - does that work? Why not? What does 'not well implemented' mean? What are your expectations and experience?

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Ray Carnes
Best Answer

Activate Developer Mode and set the Sub-task Project on each Project:

Then you can see Sub-tasks on any Task in that Project:

I don't know of a way to have Sub-tasks automatically created instead of Tasks, unless you use a single Sub-task Project on all Sales Orders.

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Pascal Tremblay

Big thanks for these lines!