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Jorge Lahoz
2018/05/06 13:27

Hi Thomas,

I am facing the same problem with Error 500, I managed to solve it. You must first get into your main Odoo page if you have multiple databases and select the correct one (you do not need to log in). Then, you can get into the rating url and you won't see the error anymore.

I know it can be anoying, many of us need to have more than one database running in a single Odoo server but, to solve this, I had to ran a separate Odoo server for each.

I will try to develop a script or a query so you do not need to run several servers. There must be a way to first redirect the user to the database selection and (without him realising) make him select the database and go back to the rating page.

PS: I know you have probably managed to solve this by your own, just wanted to answer in case anyone else is having the same problem. ;D


Customer Ratings is a super-useful feature on v9e.

We have it working. Mails go out. Clicking on one of the 3 levels applies the rating.


We want to embed a link to the Task/Issue, so that the user can review it before giving a rating.

Alternatively, we'd like to include in the mail-body details such as Duration (time taken to implement the task), Date-Started/Finished, etc. etc.

Which model/document can be called for embedding these values in the mail-template. These are the available fields out-of-the-box.

Thank you

Simplify-ERP® – Ashant Chalasani

2017/04/25 13:49

Hi Ashant!

I am a bit late with giving an answer, but maybe it is still interesting for you or others. You could just add the respective fields in the e-mail template. Go to the Settings module and then to E-Mail templates and either edit the original Customer Satisfaction Rating mail or create a new one. In that mail you can include dynamic placeholders for fields which belong to the project.issue object. This can be e.g. the name (res_name), date of creation (create_date) and so on. Just use the dynamic placeholder generator in the e-mail template edit dialog. Best, Thomas

Simplify-ERP® - Wapsol GmbH
2017/04/26 1:30

Thank you Thomas.

Would you know which fields to exactly use (from the "dynamic placeholder")?

2017/04/26 4:16

Sure. First of all, I am not an odoo expert and the proposed methods might not be the best way to do this. Now, an e-mail template only applies to one specific model, either project.task or project.issue. If you need it for both then I guess you need to create two templates.

Accessing a link to an issue/task only works if the user is logged in to your Odoo environment. If that is the case you can just add: ${object.name} to the e-mail template text and set a hyperlink to the respective view (mark ${object.name} and add link to URL), e.g. https://YOUR-ODOO-DOMAIN.COM/web?debug=#id=${object.id}&view_type=form&model=project.issue&action=280&active_id=5&menu_id=199

In the link, you can see that the issue view is identified by the id number of issue, which can be dynamically set using ...id=${object.id}...

Now, to add some facts about the issue/task to the e-mail just add dynamic placeholders to the e-mail template, like:



In the e-mail template dialog just go to the tab Dynamic Placeholder Generator, click on Field and then select "Search more" from the drop-down list. This will give you a complete overview of all available fields. Most of them are pretty self-explanatory. By sending an e-mail based on the template all dynamic placeholders will be filled with respect to the concerned project.issue or project.task.

I hope that helps. Best, Thomas

2017/04/26 4:22

Ooops, I just realized that my answer does not make sense. For the rating to work the object is not project.issue or project.task but Rating. I am not sure if that object has any link to the actual taks or issue triggering the rating. I would try to add all available fields to the mail and sent it to yourself as a test. Then you know what each field does. If that does not do it, then you would need a link from one object to another and I have no idea how to do that.

2017/04/27 10:53

I just tested this a little bit more: There are actually a few fields available for Rating that link to the task/issue:

- ${object.display_name} or ${object.res_name} both give the name of the task/issue

- ${object.create_date} plots the date of creation in yyyy.mm.dd hh:mm:ss

- ${object.__last_update} and ${object.write_date} both give me the date and time when the task/issue has been moved to the rating stage, so basically the time when the rating e-mail is sent. This is not really the date of the last modification. Maybe the name with a link to the actual task/issue (as described before) is sufficient for you?

2016/08/22 11:41

Hi Yenthe!

So after playing around with this a little bit I figured out what the bottleneck is:

The provided solution in Odoo v9 ONLY works if a Customer for a task is set or a Contact for an issue is set. And the customer can only use the reply buttons in the mail if he/she has a login to Odoo. That is a problem for me as our customers do not have an account with our Odoo system.

I guess the problem is with the href links bound to the buttons in the mail, for example <a href="/rating/${object.access_token}/10"></a>. This link takes the user to OurOdooDomain/rating/xyz. If the user is not registered and logged in to our OurOdooDomain an "Error 500: Bad request" exception is thrown. Any ideas on how this could be circumvented? Probably not with this type of link, he? Guess I will have to change the call to action on that button.

If anyone has any ides, I would love to know! Best wishes


Yenthe Van Ginneken

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Yenthe Van Ginneken
2016/08/19 10:26

Hi Thomas,

You first have to active this setting under Projects > Configuration > Settings. Activate the option "Allow activating customer rating on projects, at issue completion" and save it.
After activating this feature you can go to the settings of a project and you'll see a new checkbox named "Customer satisfaction". If you tick this on the rating e-mails will be sent the moment you set a task to the completed state. 


2016/08/19 11:05

Hi Yenthe! I already did all of that and I have a stage Done with "Is a close stage" marked and the default "Rating project request" template selected as "Rating E-Mail template". However, if I move a task or issue there no e-mail is being sent. So, the question remains. How do I actually send the mail? Do I understand it right that the mail should be sent automatically when a card is moved to the respective rating stage?

Yenthe Van Ginneken
2016/08/22 1:48

@Thomas, that is correct. It should send out the e-mail automatically when moving it to the respective rating stage. Do you have an outgoing e-mailserver and is it active / working? If the answers are yes I'd suggest you to update your Odoo instance to the latest code. If that still doesn't fix it it is time to start debugging.

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