Many2Many relationship but sorted with 'weighted' values

Alex Barylski

Normally (I assume) when you use the many2many relationship the ORM creates a junction table for you and the order in which the records are returned for either direction is the order in which they were created/populated the database.

I have a situation where I have two entities:

 - Procedures

 - Sequences

The same sequence can be associated with more than one procedure, however each procedure has a unique sort order. 

For instance procedure A, B, C may reference dozens of Sequences, but all share Sequence B, however Sequence B may be the first sequence on Procedure A, the second last on Procedure B, etc...

Would I solve this problem by simply introducing the junction table explicitly in the model - using double one to one relationships?

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Good question, I am also interested in the relationship many2many the possibility of setting priorities.