How to deactivate OpenERP sending data to OpenERP SA servers?

Laura Jarvenpaa

My company would like to deactivate data collection functionality from our OpenERP (with this we mean data that is sent to OpenERP server of OpenERP SA from our OpenERP if we had undestood right how this data collection works). In Fabiens post as an answer for Sorry OpenERP he said that this functionality can be deactivate: "One can easily desactivate this by unactivating the related cron. (just one checkbox)".

I haven't found this checkbox anywhere from the settings. Is this because we installed Saas-1 version from launchpad instead of stable or trunk version? Or is this checkbox somewhere else than in settings?

At this moment I have done deactivation just by editing source code but I think it would be better to deactivate it the way it is officially supposed to be deactivated.

(The reason for installing saas-1 is that it includes functionality we need that is not in stable but we assume that saas-1 is more tested/stable than trunk version).

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Torsten Francke
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There is a module to remove the code:

But you can look in your settings, (you need the "Technical Features" enabled in the settings for your user), go to "scheduler" and "scheduled actions" and disable the "Update Notification" job.

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do you mean one can either use the Module OR disable the "Update Notification" job? If both ways have the exact same result why would anyone bother to write a Module for that?