[Philippine Week] Trading 24/7: Deploying ERP to end your client's wait

[PH week] Trading

      Let your trading activities happen at anytime, anywhere.

                    These days many activities are happened online, so as our seminar. To reassure you we are always at your service, here we are, sincerely launching the exclusive "Philippine Week" in the Odoo Webinar Series. The web series will cover one live-streaming session per day (from April 21 to 24), which will be hosted in Tagalog. 

                    This one, Trading 24/7: Deploying ERP to end your client's wait, will take place on April 29 at 11AM (GMT+8). In this webinar, we will share how trading companies can take advantages from various Odoo apps, such as our Purchase, Inventory and Sales apps. These apps keep your hands free from supplier procurement, customer delivery, invoicing and more, by automation. With that being said, your business cycle runs spontaneously, beyond the space-time boundary! Amazing isn't?

                    Register for this one-hour webinar where the followings will be go through for you, and participate in the Q&A session where you will be able to interact with our speakers:

                    • Products and product categories

                    • Vendor and vendor pricelists

                    • Procurement strategy

                    • Sending quotation and delivery to customers

                    • Some extra: call for vendors, dropshipping, paying multiple vendor at once

                    • Success Pack 50% off! Yes we are marking down our Success Pack. It is a vital tool to a sound implementation. We will explain more in the webinar.

                    *The webinar will be given in Tagalog and may assisted with English.


                    Gio Dalisay
                    Business Advisor (APAC)

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                    Date & Time


                    11:00 12:00 Asia/Manila

                    Odoo Limited

                    +852 3950 0600

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