Odoo Experience 2016

Customer Use Case: How to manage a multi-company consulting group

  • 2016年10月05日 16時30分00秒
  • Business Sessions / Biéreau (-1)

Distributors Implementation

  • 2016年10月06日 12時30分00秒
  • Business Sessions / Biéreau (-1)

How easy and versatile Odoo is for the business. Lessons Learned Presentation with screenshots and live demonstration ...

Integration of ODOO in the Vlajo/mini-company education program

  • 2016年10月06日 14時00分00秒
  • Business Sessions / Biéreau (-1)

Vlajo is part of the education program for the Economics science option in high Schools. Students have to create a company around a project and concretely run their project. During the school year 2015-2016, Vlajo noticed that there are clear and valuable links between Vlajo Student Companies and Odoo ERP system. During this presentation the links and possibilities between both programs are clarified through examples from the education field. ...

How UCM uses Odoo to manage its financial processes

  • 2016年10月07日 12時00分00秒
  • Main Theatre

UCM is the main employers’ organization in Wallonia & Brussels, committed to defense and to give a voice to business leaders, independents,  craftsmen,  small business leaders, liberal professions, ... UCM has as mission to defend, to represent and to promote them at all levels, in total independence from political parties, but in connection with more than fifty professional associations and organizations. UCM offers a wide range of services to PMEs, sole workers, independents, craftsmen, etc.....

Agile implementation of a vertical for High School Management

  • 2016年10月07日 12時30分00秒
  • Education / Hocaille (-1)

The talk will present the result of a project during which Odoo was used to help the "Conservatoire de Liège" to implement the new "Paysage" regulation. The project has been implemented using an AGILE approach and cloud services. Both allowed the project to deliver a solution in a very tight schedule (6-8 weeks). During the session we will look into the different tools and techniques used to implement the project and what were the benefits of using those tools. A demonstration of the solution ...

How Koman uses Odoo Commerce to sale Industrial Inspection Equipment

  • 2016年10月07日 13時00分00秒
  • Education / Hocaille (-1)

Enercoop.be du site internet à la gestion des membres avec Odoo

  • 2016年10月07日 11時00分00秒
  • Business Sessions / Biéreau (-1)

Durant ce talk, vous allez découvrir comment Enercoop [1] utilise Odoo dans une coopérative. Enercoop.be est une coopérative créée en 2015, active dans le financement de projets d’énergies renouvelables et de projets durables. Eoliennes, Voitures partagées, Vente de DVD et de livres... [1] http://www.enercoop.be ...

Geodan: Preparing Geo-ICT for the future with Odoo 10

  • 2016年10月05日 12時00分00秒
  • Business Sessions / Biéreau (-1)

Evert Meijer is going to tell us about his company from a helicopter point of view: where is the company coming from, where does it want to be and why/how does Odoo fit in this story? Odoo partner Onestein is helping Geodan with the integration of Odoo 10. Right now, people are working on the development version of Odoo 10 Enterprise (Alpha version, code in Odoo 10). For the coming months the stabilization of the system is taking place and in January 2017 Odoo 10 will go into production for Geo...

Digitalize your CFO with the Financial cockpit

  • 2016年10月05日 14時00分00秒
  • Main Theatre

Digitalize all the financial processes like accounting, financial Reporting, budget and cash forecast with the Financial Cockpit on Odoo. Take decisions based on the value of your company. ...

Odoo and Alfresco: See how this combination maximizes benefits for your customer

  • 2016年10月06日 11時30分00秒
  • Business Sessions / Biéreau (-1)

This will show how Odoo 9 and Alfresco can benefit from each other with the help of the integration component from IT IS. See standard business processes from Odoo 9 enterprise and community with document management for Alfresco 5.2 community edition. After seeing the session with the live demo included, you will know how you can extend your usage of Odoo and get business requirements and compliance matters solved. Target audience: beginners, consultants, LOB-managers, C-Level execs Version cov...

How to organize an Odoo event and build your local community

  • 2016年10月06日 12時00分00秒
  • Business Sessions / Biéreau (-1)

This talk will focus on providing and exchanging tips, tricks and feedback to organize Odoo events, code sprints and build your local community. ...

EHR for paramedics with Odoo & Orbeon

  • 2016年10月06日 15時30分00秒
  • Business Sessions / Biéreau (-1)

*Target*: Beginners & expert users - (para)medical industry *Version*: Odoo 9 community Also: Integration of Orbeon Forms with Odoo O2B health module(s) for maintaining EHR *Contains*: a complete set of addons for health service companies. We will talk about re-designing the modules to make them suitable for version 9 community version. We will explain how we used our experience to design & develop these new versions from a functional point of view. * Content*: 1. Introduction 2. Problems ...