How UCM uses Odoo to manage its financial processes

UCM is the main employers’ organization in Wallonia & Brussels,  committed to defense and to give a voice to business leaders, independents,  craftsmen,  small business leaders, liberal professions, ...

UCM has as mission to defend, to represent and to promote them at all levels, in total independence from political parties, but in connection with more than fifty professional associations and organizations.

UCM offers a wide range of services to PMEs, sole workers, independents, craftsmen, etc.., like advice & consultancy, social secretary, HR services, payroll administration, family allowance fund, …

The project:

UCM uses Odoo for managing its financial processes, i.e. the accounting module (for 20 legal entities), multi-dimensional analytical accounting, automatic intra-company invoicing, financial assets, sales, purchases, stock management, HR.

Fabrice Heneffe will show us how UCM benefits of Odoo for its financial processes.