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2 Плюс България АД
2 Плюс България АД 科学
2 Plus Bulgaria AD is a provider of technologies and services, which it adapts and implements using an individual approach to each client. Using a wide range of high-tech solutions and the acquired experience of their team, they guarantee solutions that are skillfully designed and professionally integrated. ITEX Bulgaria helps the team of 2 Plus Bulgaria AD in the project of implementation of Odoo and is doing the necessary local support.
3D Bistro Sp. z o.o.
3D Bistro Sp. z o.o. 科学
3D Bistro is providing affordable 3D printing using SLS technology
3D.aero GmbH
3D.aero GmbH 科学
Durch die Kombination von innovativer Mess-, Automatisierungs- und Bildgebungstechnologie mit umfassender Erfahrung in der Luftfahrt und enger Forschungsnähe bietet 3D.aero die Systeme, um in der Luftfahrtindustrie effizienter, schneller und produktiver arbeiten zu können.
3Dee Store OG
3Dee Store OG 科学
A 3Dee 2013 júliusa óta kínál teljes körű szolgáltatást 3D nyomtatás terén, épp úgy privát, mint professzionális területeken. 2013 októberében megnyitották Bécs belvárosában Közép-Európa első 3D nyomtató szaküzletét, ahol a saját szoftveren alapuló bérnyomtatás és 3D scannelés mellett már több márkás, európai készüléket is megvásárolhattak ügyfeleik. 2014 októberében megnyitották budapesti üzletüket is.
3F Bio Limited
3F Bio Limited 科学
3F BIO is a biotechnology company that addresses the global need for sustainable high-quality food protein. It utilises a patented zero waste process to produce high quality food grade protein, ABUNDA mycoprotein using natural fermentation that is environmentally and economically sustainable.
4Business Oy
4Business Oy 科学
4Business offers intelligent audiovisual and property automation solutions for companies. 4Business designs automation solutions for meeting spaces, multi-space offices, showrooms, visitor centers and control rooms for companies. They want to enable fluent user experiences and comprehensive and exciting encounters between people.

4Business on moderniin toimistoteknologiaan ja toimitilahankkeiden suunnitteluun sekä toteutukseen erikoistunut asiantuntijayritys. Yritys tarjoaa esitystekniikka- etäneuvottelu-, tilanvaraus- ja sensorointiratkaisut yrityksille. 4Business haluaa helpottaa työelämän haasteita ja tukea tavoitteita älykkään teknologian avulla.
4Tune Engineering, Lda
4Tune Engineering, Lda 科学

Sector de atividade: Engenharia de produto e processo

Localização: Lisboa (Portugal) e São Paulo (Brasil)

Fundada em 2004 e com escritórios em Lisboa (Portugal) e São Paulo (Brasil), a 4TE desenvolve soluções de TI de última geração para atender à cultura, especificações de requisitos de utilizador, exigências regulamentares e ecossistema de TI da indústria farmacêutica que garante aos clientes que as soluções estão prontas para implementação e validação. Com experiência em Gestão de Risco de Qualidade venceu um Prémio Internacional em 2017, 2019 e 2020 com a plataforma iRISK ™ Platform (www.iRISK.com).

4Tune Engineering nasceu quando o Prof. José C. Menezes (PhD) percebeu que as empresas farmacêuticas e biofarmacêuticas precisavam de uma nova abordagem às Ciências e Tecnologias de Fabrico.

Desde então, desenvolveram a sua experiência em Sistemas e Engenharia de Processos, Qualidade e Gestão de Riscos, assumiram inúmeros desafios em algumas das principais indústrias e desenvolveram plataformas proprietárias para a Otimização de Desempenho.



Activity sector: Product and process engineering

Location: Lisbon (Portugal) and São Paulo (Brazil)

Founded in 2004 and with offices in Lisbon (Portugal) and São Paulo (Brazil), 4TE develops cutting-edge IT solutions to suit the culture, user requirements specifications, regulatory demands and IT ecosystem of the pharmaceutical industry that guarantees to customers that the solutions are ready for implementation and validation. With expertise in Quality Risk Management they won an International Award in 2017, 2019 and 2020 with the iRISK™ Platform (www.iRISK.com).

4Tune Engineering was born when Prof. José C. Menezes (PhD), realized that pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies needed a new approach to the Science and Technologies of Manufacturing.

Since then, they have developed their expertise in Systems and Process Engineering, Quality and Risk Management, we have taken on numerous challenges in some of the main industries and developed proprietary platforms for Performance Optimization.
9T Labs AG
9T Labs AG 科学
High-tech, Manufacturing | Odoo v15
Main Odoo Apps: Purchases, Inventory, Projects, Approvals, Studio

Founded in 2018 in Zürich by a team of pioneers, the company aspires to mass-produce high-performance composites as easily as metals, by automating and digitizing the production workflow of composite production.
@ Ops For Market Research
@ Ops For Market Research 科学
@OPS is the FASTEST GROWING research agency in the region.
A.G.F. Trading & Engineering Ltd
A.G.F. Trading & Engineering Ltd 科学
AGF Trading & Engineering is a company with its main focus being to enable healthcare providers to increase value by empowering them on their journey towards expanding precision medicine, improving care delivery, and patient experience facilitated by pioneer technology, superior quality and reliability.

AGF wanted the capability to monitor and administrate every day's workloads and actions, especially with their field service teams that provide support and maintenance to its customer locations. Using Odoo, ePlan Consultants implemented the capability to have their field service engineers complete their service reports electronically (using their mobile phones or tablets) and have them automatically logged in Odoo with further capabilities, such as project management, help-desk/ticket management/ticketing system and reporting.
ADGI Solitons
ADGI Solitons 科学
Adgi Reference Client
Specializing in system Consultation, Design, Development, and Hardware Supplies in Saudi Arabia; Adgi Solutions offers its clients complete solutions for both software and hardware supplies.
Their Challenge: managing their sales transactions and processes within different departments they needed a system that can manage all processes under one integrated system that enables reporting per department.
Azkatech implemented the Sales, purchase, accounting, invoicing, project, studio, and approvals module through the Odoo ERP system. A system that allows Adgi to manage all its operations from a single place with complete reporting.
ADLATUS Robotics GmbH
ADLATUS Robotics GmbH 科学
Die Digitalisierung und Globalisierung treibt den Wandel im Dienstleistungsbereich des Facility Managements voran und fordert von den Unternehmen neue Produkte und Lösungen. ADLATUS unterstützt diesen Wandel mit der Entwicklung autonomer Serviceroboter für den professionellen Einsatz.
Our mission: Enhance quality management & production performance in the cable industry
Our job: Check and understand cable performance through accurate testing
Our offering: Measuring equipment, data management systems, certification, knowledge and expertise
Our driving force: Know-how to serve innovation … for boosting your yield.
AGC Glass Europe
AGC Glass Europe 科学
AGC Glass Europe, located in Louvain-la-Neuve, is an international company with more than 14,000 employees. It produces, processes and distributes flat glass for the automotive, solar and construction industries. The company was looking for a flexible, low-cost management tool to initially digitize and integrate a online platform to manage the E-commerce part. In a second step, the company wanted to focus on the digitization of the Supply Chain, which was specific to their project, to add a layer of automation on the standard Odoo model. For more information, you can visit our website: https://idealisconsulting.com/references/agc#scrollTop=0.
Souvent primée pour la qualité et l'innovation de ses produits, la société grenobloise Arturia conçoit, fabrique et commercialise des synthétiseurs et des logiciels de musique électronique utilisés aussi bien par les amateurs que par les plus grands artistes internationaux comme Jean Michel Jarre, Martin Solveig, Depeche Mode ou encore Laurent Garnier.