Boom Plus for Manufacturing

Boom Plus for Manufacturing


Mentors Integrated Solutions LTD. (9 参照(s))

Mentors Integrated Solutions LTD.
11 Othman Tower- Nile Cornish 17th Floor, Maadi Cairo, Egypt
11783 Cairo

Let us introduce ourselves as a major Pasta and Wheat Flour production and

exporting company in Egypt, with global clientele. Quality guaranteed as we‟re

ISO 9001 certified. If you‟re an African Company you‟ll be happy to know that

we‟re a COMESA member. You must‟ve tasted our Pasta and Flour as we have

more than 15 Pasta brands and 30 Wheat flour brands worldwide.

Boom Plus for Manufacturing & Commerce was founded in 2004. We found our

drive in the Food Stuff business. “A competitive and promising market”. From

boot strapping with our first client to having our clientele in 40+ countries we

surged in Wheat Flour and Pasta manufacturing and export. Now, we‟re growing

our production capacity as the demand grows.

Along the years we have faced numerous problems but our strong concept,

„Everything is possible‟, and loyal clients kept us going. We like business as well

as challenges and we‟re up to making the best out of them, 24/7 all year round.

Our goal is forming lifetime business partnerships with honored clients. Success

stories begin when you choose experts.