Why La Coopérative Informatique Chose Auguria to Modernize its IT Infrastructure

Client: La Coopérative Informatique
Country: France
Industry: IT Solutions
Apps Implemented: CRM, Accounting, Invoicing, Timesheet, Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing, Helpdesk, Sales, Project, Website, Repair
Number of Users: 50 Users
Integrating Partner: Auguria (Teclib' Group)

The Aviva Agents' Coopérative Informatique, is an IT service company that’s been serving general insurance agencies AVIVA in France since 1985. The company centralizes and integrates all services related to IT agencies and provides implementation, technical and network support. This allows their clients to receive all the support they need for their solution from one single point of contact.

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Frédéric Monnier, the COO of Coopérative Informatique, talks about his company’s implementation of Odoo, with Auguria, an official Odoo gold partner.

Why did you choose Odoo?

In 2013, we were having problems with our outdated IT solution, which had been installed in 1995, using the technology available at the time. There was no communication between the various software. Then we asked ourselves, what about open source. Teclib did some research for us within that field, and they suggested Open ERP as a solution - which later became Odoo.

What is your experience with Odoo?

To this day, all our needs are being met with Odoo. Everything is centralized on one platform. With one single click I can directly access my dashboards. The transition period for the company’s employees took about a month. By the end of September 2015, our entire system was up and running.

Are you satisfied with your partnership with Auguria?

We are very satisfied with everything that’s been done, especially the implementation of Odoo. We had a partner who considered and analyzed our needs, and allowed us to implement the solution in a short period of time.

The solution proposed and implemented by Auguria corresponds exactly to our expectations and needs.

About Auguria/Teclib - an Odoo Gold Partner

The Coopérative Informatique implemented Odoo as a client of Auguria, which is a division/group under Teclib’, an Odoo gold partner. Since 2009, Teclib strives to provide its customers with relevant and sustainable IT solutions. The company has a strong open-source DNA, and over the years it’s been expanding its offering and moving further into the international markets, with a network of partners in over 15 countries. The IT solutions integrator, Teclib, consists of several different groups, each one dedicated to its own customers. Auguria is one of the groups, and the Management and Decision-making division/part of Teclib. Auguria is committed to the follow-up and success of its services, assisting with the implementation and development of specific modules for its clients. As such, Auguria has developed more than 80 modules for Odoo since the first implementation in 2009.

Website: http://www.auguria.net/erp/odoo/

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