How to use API to connect external tools

Public Channel / Odoo Experience 2015

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7. Let's try documentation

10. Hello Michel

16. Create pretty much anything, even fields

18. Error logging !

23. Multi thread write

3. Languages, Libraries XML/JSON RPC

6. Connect, read, write, call methods Basics

19. CSV, multithread Advanced

27. Some real world examples Interface other softwares

32. Thank You Questions ?

1. How to use API to connect external tools SEINLET Nicolas, TECHNICAL CONSULTANT

26. No track in mail.thread Improve performance without tracking modifications in mail.thread

15. Write pictures o Encode the picture file content in base64 o Write it as a regular field

17. Error logging ? o ir.logging model o Readable on the instance

25. Multi thread write/read o Main thread waiting writing threads o Also usable with read (especially with multiple models)

22. Sliced reading o Avoid the « CPU time limit exceeded. » o Read per ~1k records, depending on read fields (O2M, M2O, M2M)

20. Read using CSV o XML ID instead of ID o List of lists instead of list of dicts o Read linked records (O2M, M2M, M20)

8. On saas ? o Do not use Oauth o Set local password for the user o Create a dedicated user o Give required access rights

13. Create an order o Create order and lines in 1 call o Return the created id o Call methods

21. Write using CSV o Write a list of lists instead of a dict o Faster than calling write multiple times o If a line failed, the whole « load » is rolled back o Write on linked fields

4. "   " XML-RPC is a remote procedure call (RPC) protocol which uses XML to encode its calls and HTTP as a transport mechanism. XML RPC

14. o Transaction around the whole method VS each call o What about an error between the SO creation and the confirmation ? RPC vs Method in a module

11. Hello World Connexion Search Read o Supply user_id o Using domain o Return a dict o M2O as list of id and name o Supply list of fields

31. o Free IceCat o Based on Barcode o Odoo on SaaS o Cool e-commerce in minutes o Cool POS in minutes o Source code : Ex 3 : Pictures from web service

29. Ex 1 : Export pickings List pickings Find order List packs List items Generate XML o Add custom fields for export date o Customize barcode interface for packs o Check weight of all products

9. Read o Using python o Using openerplib o Using jsonrpc Connexion Search Read o Connect to instance o Search for partners called Fletcher o Display name and company name

12. Write Connexion Search partner Search products o Check if all informations exists before create order (Products, partners, ...) o Avoid multiple call for the same object creation (Use magic numbers) o Avoid read when unnecessary o Call methods on objects Create quotation Confirm order

24. Multi thread write o Write ~400 records per thread o Better writing rate o Write on linked fields o Harder to manage errors o Avoid using all Odoo workers → 1 thread = 1 Worker o 1 failing line = the whole thread is rolled back o If many fields, or linked fields, or binary fields, take care of CPU time → lower the number of records o Avoid too many threads on the script running machine → change the place of the semaphore

2. o A carrier needs picking information on a regular basis in a file stored on a local computer o A customer wants to send orders and receive invoices using EDIFACT o An Odoo user wants to set pictures on products (50k+) based on an external product database available on Internet o Import external products catalogue, and update prices on a regular basis o How to do it with Odoo ? o Is it possible to automate ? o Even on SaaS ? Introduction

5. o Libraries exists in many languages o Well documented on the Odoo side o o Sample in many langages in the official documentation o ACL and Record rules are respected o Access to any object o Call every method, except browse o number of high-level APIs in various langages o o o o ... XML RPC

28. o Medium size company o Carrier with on-site software o Must generate text files on disk o Odoo on SaaS Ex 1 : Export pickings Wizard  Fully integrated  Manual trigger  Easy use  Manual save of file  Easy maintenance XML RPC  Fully automatic  Harder maintenance  Delay due to cron  Transparent for user

30. o Small size company o Customers with EDIFACT o EDI platform require local windows software o Odoo on SaaS Ex 2 : EDIFACT link Wizard  Same interface  No direct access to disk  Easy maintenance  Easier « on premise » XML RPC  No matter the location of the server  Harder maintenance  Code readability  Do not break the server in case of error  Transparent for user


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