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Suzhou Yuanding Information Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Suzhou Yuanding Information Technology Co.,Ltd.
Room 301 Building 22, Creative Industry Park,
NO.328,Xinghu Street,Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou
Suzhou 32

苏州远鼎信息技术是Odoo资深服务商,Odoo 制造业深度定制专家,

为制造企业提供 Odoo ERP 实施、定制、培训、监理等服务。

公司产品和服务涉及 ERP、MES、WMS 等多个方向,




Suzhou Yuanding is Odoo senior service provider and deep customization expert in manufacturing sectors. We provide Odoo ERP implementation, customization, training, supervision and other services for manufacturing enterprises.

Our products and services are related to ERP, MES, WMS,and so on. We have had many successful cases in automobile manufacturing, semiconductor, electronics, apparel and other industries. Our mission and goal is "Helping Customers Succeed", We committed to becoming the world leading service provider of open source management software. For more information, please visit our website: