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Shanghai Zhitong Business Information Consulting Co., LTD

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Shanghai Zhitong Business Information Consulting Co., LTD
上海市自由贸易试验区奥纳路79号2幢9层 F9, Building 2, Ao Na Road 79, Pilot Free Trade Zone
+86 18917672606


智桐作为Odoo的官方认证合作伙伴,依托在Odoo 咨询领域多年的深耕与实践,为企业客户客制规划完整的信息技术服务方案,贯穿业务持续性管理,业务和IT流程改善方案,ERP系统方案选型、开发、实施、实施风险和内控咨询,系统实施后评估及审计等全流程。


Zhi Tong Business consulting is dedicated to provide for corporate customers, professional and modern enterprise management solutions, involving the segments from capital market services, corporate governance structure optimization, business risk and compliance control to internal audit tracking. 


As Odoo official certified partner, relying on years of experience and expertise in Odoo consulting, Zhi Tong company formulates a complete information and technology service for cooperate customers, through business durable management, business and IT process improvement, ERP solution identification, implementation and customization, as well as risk and internal control consulting, system assessment and Auditing. 


Longarm Asia Limited
Longarm Asia Limited
Longarm Asia Limited is a company that works as an intermediary and facilitates clients with the purchase of goods from Chinese suppliers, bringing peace of mind that all orders are followed by a bilingual team with the capacity of monitoring each stage of the process. Longarm Asia是一家国际进出口贸易公司,公司从中国供应商处购买货物,然后销往不同的国家,货物品种覆盖多种类型。
Founded in 2010 by medicinal chemists for chemists, ChemShuttle is a premier chemistry contract research organization (CRO) and research chemical supplier serving the life science community.