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上海磐麓网络科技有限公司 (Alitec - China)

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上海磐麓网络科技有限公司 (Alitec - China)
+ 86-021 80394842803

上海磐麓网络科技有限公司-Appnxt(中国)Alitec Pte Ltd(新加坡)专注于odoo 软件实施与开发,致力于为商业企业提供安全、可控、灵动、可负担、本地化世界级品质的企业应用和服务,提供个性化在线管理方案, 帮助客户提高生产率、节省时间和成本、提高客户满意度以及增强企业竞争力。在传统企业与未来智能商务之间架起一座桥梁,帮助企业获得无限商业空间。基于全球领先的企业级开源应用框架,ERP/CRM/EC/CMS/移动APP等因需定制,无缝集成。企业管理系统/移动应用触手可及,简单管理。我们负责将你的想法转化成应用。

Appnxt and Alitec is a dedicated IT solution provider base in Singapore and China. As an official partner of Odoo, We help organisations to improve and adapt their key business processes by using advanced Information Technology. We are working with talented team while delivering high-quality business application to the customer. The focus of our company is to deal with and overcome various business challenges through exact internal activities, research and solutions. We are providing an unique strong-willed benefit, we offer advanced services through effective solutions, best business practices and cutting-edge technologies. Our Company is supported by experts with deep industrial knowledge and experience in various business lines. Singapore team contact