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Raygal & Co Consulting Firm

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Raygal & Co Consulting Firm
408 Omer-Hashi Building Near DEERO Mall Opposite of Premier Bank
Road No. 1
252 Hargaisa

Raygal & Co Consulting Firm is one of the best, if not the best, of the Somali professional entities that provide almost all financial and ICT services in the Horn of Africa region including, but not limited to, the following: 


  • Setup New Accounting Systems; Upgrade Existing Systems

  • Set up Customized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs), POS, etc.

  • Reviewing Financial Statements/Closing of Accounts.

  • Outsourced Accounting Tasks (Bookkeeping, etc.)

  • Training & Capacity Building for Accountants

  • Other. 


  • Statutory Audits/Annual External Audits for SMEs.

  • Special Audits/Resolving Disputes Among Business Partners, etc.

  • Setup/Review Risk Assessment for Client Entities

  • Drafting Internal Control Policies/IT 


  • Setup/Review Ways to Prevent Fraud and  Bad Practices

  • Draft/Review Organizational Policies & Procedures. 


  • Building Billing and Other Operational Databases

  • Customizing Existing Databases to fit customer needs

  • Other. 

OTHER CONSULTANCY SERVICES: Thanks To Our Unparalleled Hands-On Working Experience, We Asses Financial Related Issues Presented to Us On Case By Case Basis And Often Find Lasting Solutions For Almost All of Them. We Turn Problems into Opportunities.