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The Sudanese Electricity Distribution Company Ltd (SEDC) was established on 28 June 2010 by the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 169/ of the year 2010.
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Anglo Petro Integrated Service Solutions
The company has been working for more than ten years in the field of information and communication technology through a highly qualified technical staff, enabling us to obtain the trust of our clients in both the government and private sectors.
Cloud Box
Cloud Box was founded by Team of dedicated, innovative and experienced IT professionals specialized in wide range of technologies, combine over 15 years of experience in delivering successful deployments, implementations of integrated IT solutions.
As an ICT services focused company we provide end-to-end solutions and needs-driven consultation. leveraging industry leading technologies and service capabilities to drive end-to-end cost effective solution to customers.
Dynamix for electronic service
Is one of the leading Information Technology Solution Companies in Sudan with a strong talented team that provides extensive range of products and services, It has built a reputation for innovation and delivering excellence in development and design.
Dynamix offers the most advanced IT solutions, supporting full business cycle: preliminary consulting, system development and deployment, quality assurance and support.
We are Specializes in development of complex software systems designed for (small,medium,large) companies, Banks, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants and other financial activities.
IATL International Co Ltd
Since 1994, IATL International has been a pioneer in the Sudanese technology market, supplying both the public and private sectors with quality IT supplies, products and services, ranging from computers and printing machines to business applications and software.
IATL International in partnership with Odoo, brings state of the art business enhancement solutions to the doors of its customers. When it comes to implementing ERP solutions, we think of ourselves as providers of business consultancy rather than the traditional “IT” service provider.
Interface Co. Ltd.
Interface was established in 1987 as an IT and Software company. This was a visionary move at that time when computer technology was at its infancy. This underlines Interface’s vision since inception and it shows that it has always been ahead of its time, and still is. In 2007 our UAE office was established to increase our geographical presence.
Interface specializes in the area of ICT by providing solutions and services in wide spectrum of technical areas such as BI and Analytics, Enterprise solutions, IT Managed Services and software development to name a few. Our customer base is varied but well selected and include local and international companies such Ericsson A.B.
Interface focuses on the highest standard of delivery and exceeding customer expectations.
Maxnet Business Applications
Maxnet offers Odoo all-in-one business solution that ties your business operations together and allows you to take control of your business for a complete automation experience that promotes business growth. Our solutions range across multiple verticals, custom built solutions On-Primes, Mobility, and On-Cloud dedicated products. We have a definite focus on ERP implementation Methodology equipped with the right resources and expertise to streamline the process.
Nile Center for Technology Research (NCTR)
        Nile Centre for Technology Research (NCTR) has been established in the middle of the year 2007, as the first Research and Development Centre in Sudan in the fields of IT, Electronic and Telecom Systems of which all solutions are based on ...
PHONG for computer Services
As a company with a rich history, PHONG FCS has an unparalleled foundation for success. We are starting off our life as an advantaged downstream company with a strong heritage and enduring commitment to responsible and reliable operations, safety and care for the environment.
Palmyra Integrated Solutions Co. Ltd
The company focuses on improving people’s lives through meaningful IT innovation in the areas of Healthcare, Education, Insurance and
Telecommunications. These solutions targets increasing customers efficiency and productivity to achieve higher quality standards with
optimum efforts.
Palmyra Solutions was founded in 2011, by two ambitious engineers, to improve IT systems in Sudan. From the beginning, the company was
founded on the principle of building and implementing great ideas that drive progress for clients and enhance lives through enterprise
QUTECHS, a software solutions provider and information technology passionate, professional team with its headquarter based in Sudan, with a view of being a software development center catering to enable SMBs as well as enterprises toward better performance achievements.The most valued asset within QUTECHS is our Team, who are technically qualified professionals

with multi man-years of experience on Odoo ERP solution. The Team is committed and capable of providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to challenging ever changing business environment requirements. It has always been our effort to offer services with optimum quality and on time for every client, using proven methodologies and extensive testing coupled with long-term support and maintenance. This has resulted in ideal solutions tailored to fit the requirements and needs of companies from various business verticals. We not only deliver a complete software solution that provides efficiency and overall productivity, but we provide a high level of support to help clients' achieve their goals.

Based on the fact that complex business problems require innovative solutions, we at Qutechs take a different approach to our projects. In keeping with our clients' overall vision and strategies, our highly trained team of experts, which include exceptional technical professionals, vertical specified functional consultants and enterprising service consultants, help companies prepare for the future. With nearly 12 years of knowledge and expertise to our credit, our team members work in close collaboration with world-class clients, carefully exploring the business needs of each company and determining what software solutions work best.

Due to our exceptional performance, we have ranked as the No. 29 th for odoo community contribution. And because we understand the importance of making the most out of the business environment, we tailor each solution to the environment, making sure it fits perfectly with the clients' exact requirements. Whether a company deals in Distribution, Warehousing, Retail, Manufacturing or Service, we help catapult a business to the next level. In a word, we are committed to helping our clients succeed!
Think Tank Multi Solutions Co.Ltd.
Registered in 2016 as a limited liability company according to the laws of Sudan; our vision is to lead in the African market. We are a group of high qualified professionals in various ICT arenas. We are well backed up financially and have the resources to undertake multiple multi-million dollars projects at a time. To realize our vision, we are in the process of opening offices in west and central Africa.
ZEC-SC (Software Center)
Software Centre (SC) is a leading software and IT service provider, belongs to ZEC since 2007. Our areas of expertise cover development of custom software, information Security and mission-critical business applications using different technologies. We offer technology solutions to help our customers to meet their business needs, relying on the knowledge and experience of our expertise to deliver perfect solutions that enhance customer productivity and profitability.