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Global Connect Asia Co.,Ltd

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Global Connect Asia Co.,Ltd
708B, 7th fr, Yuzana Tower, Shwegonedine
Yuzana Tower, Shwegondine Junction,

Global Connect Asia, GCA was founded in Apr 2012 and since then transforming the businesses through Digitalisation and the Art of Cloud-based Technology. 

We are digitally transforming businesses in Asia by offering cloud-based ERP solutions leveraged on Odoo, the great ERP.

We specialize Odoo in:

  • Trading Solution

  • Distribution Solution

  • Transportation & GPS Solution

  • Logistics Solution

  • Customized ERP

Our Services

  • Business IT Consultation

  • ERP platform implementation

  • Accounting Consultation

  • Customization / Development ERP Modules

  • Integration with third party softwares (Payment Gateway, SMS, etc.. )

Our Team includes:

  • Business advisors

  • Project Managers

  • Functional Analysts

  • Domain Specialist

  • Accounting Consultants

  • Data & Server Architectures

  • Odoo developers

  • Customer Success Engineers