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Decodio Applications ltd.

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Decodio Applications ltd.
Fallerovo setaliste 22
10000 Zagreb
+385 91 3095 116

Strength of our company lies in quality and modern consulting and technical solutions which our team provides through a strong combination of business process optimization and full scale business application customization. In order to deliver a long-term solution that can redefine your processes and help you maximize results, our team is committed to understanding and improving your business operations top-down and bottom-up.


With your help we will define the core requirements and analyze your business as a unique model, composed of core strategic and operational goals. As a result we will determine operational areas that are vital for optimal growth and development of your company.


Our consultants will help you:

•Design new system before you invest in deployment (Fit/Gap analysis)

•Identify approaches that support optimization of key processes and help accomplish strategic goals

•Customize and implement complex business solutions that are transparent and easy to use

•Create reporting systems that will support decision makers on every level

•Optimize and plan resource utilization


Benefits to your organization include:

•Single data entry point – minimization of errors, accurate reports

•Multi-company and multi-currency setup on a single database

•Increase in efficiency and productivity due to the easy design and implementation of custom processes and workflows

•Reduction in overhead and operating costs

•Timely and structured management information

•Traceability of business processes and operations