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Silver Partner

E.B.TECH Certified v12 Certified v13
E.B.TECH provides advanced technical solutions to companies. It was started in 2015 with the mission of becoming a highly professional and trusted provider of innovative technology solutions for government and industry to help our clients achieve a new level of performance. ...
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Ready Partner

Telsa Group
Telsa Group Certified v12
Telsa Group:
Founded in 2015 and established in Lebanon, Telsa Group Company began working on telecom satellite projects until the group expanded into 6 companies across several continents.

Our Focus:
Telsa Group focuses on moving forward with every element in mind: technology, communications, customized solutions, rebuilding, and all that a sector or nation may need support with. When it comes to IT and solutions, our team is fully equipped to integrate Odoo with the client in mind and expand ...
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