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Codes 'n Colors
Al Maabilah, Seeb
+968 9637 3470

Codes ‘n Colors, House of Art ‘n Technology; is specialized in ERP Solutions and Development / Design Services  As an IT services company, our main focus is the success and growth of our customers, we believe in a simple equation “They grow, We grow” simple like this. We believe this targeted growth comes with the TWO EsExecute & Expand

How the work is done; accurately, on-time and profitably

How the success is presented to attract new customers every day 

Our main focus in Codes ‘n Colors is to provide our customers with the digital means to Execute & Expand their business.

To Execute; we study well the business processes of our customers and suggest the appropriate solution to automate the business in order to organize and standardize the processing in a user-friendly way. We achieve this target through Odoo®; the fast-growing international leader in ERP systems.  

To Expand; it’s all about how to introduce your services and communicate your success stories and draw your identity in front of your customers and your targeted audiences. To achieve this; we support your business with Odoo Customer Relationship Management system and Marketing automation tools in addition to a wide range of design services including Web & Graphic Design, Info Graphs, Motion Graphs, Cartoons & Animation, …

Our teams are working together to deliver your message to your customers and your audiences in the most effective way through the different media channels; Website, Social Media, Print Outs, Video channels and others.

Our Business Automation, Design and Development experts are working together to achieve your TWO Es.

We have a wide range of happy customers in different countries and different field of industries receiving variety of services from us, we have customers in Australia, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, Malaysia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey

We have success stories in many fields like real estate & property management, restaurants’ management, general trading, manufacturing, furniture industry, car rental, hospitals' management, elevators’ industry, water purifiers industry, …


Heliocare Hospital
Heliocare Hospital
Heliocare is an Egyptian Hospital provides high level of Health/Social Welfare services to it’s customers.

The hospital includes Intensive Care, Surgery rooms, Out Patient departments, Dental Clinic, pharmacy and Laboratory
Muazzam Künefe
Muazzam Künefe
Muazzam Kunefe is a chain of restaurants serves the famous Turkish Kunefe from it’s branches in Turkey and Qatar.

Muazzam Kunefe plans to expand in new areas and also new countries in the near future.

Samarkand Trade
Samarkand Trade
Samarkand Trading and Book Distribution, is a company that specializes in book and stationery distribution working in several Arab countries. Samarkand team comes with many years of experience in the distribution industry. Samarkand carries a diverse selection of Arabic literary fiction, and non-fiction as well as Arabic, English, and French children’s books.
Smart Heat Egypt
Smart Heat Egypt
Smart Heat is a premium brand of heating systems since 2009. The company history marked with continued technological research by an aim to furnish with warmth, create innovative solutions that respond to requirements for best performance and appearance at the same time.

Moving freely between past, present and future, for SMART HEAT the fundamental reference values are comfort, reliability, quality, individual health, environment respect, as well as the performance and good look.

Strength of SMART HEAT depends on the integration of different experiences, internal synergies, optimizing specific skills and the most advanced technologies in addition to innovative solutions.
TTI group, is a group specialized in providing its customers with the safest movement-providing-machines like elevators, escalators and auto-parking systems. TTI experience dates back to 1995 where we first started directly by following the steps of advanced and modern systems that were developed throughout the years.

These systems are mainly concerned with rationing the consumption of resources and energy that in return provide a safer, easier, and more effective use for the customer.

Movement-providing-machines that TTI manufactures include not just only passengers’ elevators, but also administrative buildings’, malls’, goods’, cars’, Dumbwaiters’, as well as panoramic type elevators.

In addition to that, we conserve the variety of our products by building escalators that also come in all types and degrees of inclination serving both regular and heavy duties.