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Cristina Ortega
- 31/03/2015 17:01:36
I can't create a view of type "form", in any model and any database.

I try in developer mode, in the "fleet" model, or any model, pulse in "manage views" and i do click in "create" button. Appears me a form with the name "Create a view (name of the model)". I write in the fields:

View Name: fleet.vehicle.custom_149 (I set default mode).
View Type: Form (I choose "Form" from the list)
Priority: 16  (I set default mode).

And i do click in the "Save" button.!!! Now, Appears me a square, with a legend "Loading" but doesn't work. And i don't understand, why?. Before, i don't had a problem with this so far.

I hope, you can help me. Please.

Thank You. :)