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ir_attachment.location does no allow for absolute path.

- 17/12/2014 09:06:52
Hi all,

I'm planning moving documents to the FS (too many emails contain images
and attachments and the DB is growing too fast... Does PostgreSQL
handles this ok? For how long?)

I'm using buildout to deploy our environment.  Frequently I package the
branch 7.0 of Odoo and update our versions.cfg to match that.  This
means the path the package gets installed is different each time I deploy.

When looking at the code to save files in the FS, I noticed that no
matter how many "/" I put in the ir_attachment.location it will always
be relative to the instalation root_path.

I'm wondering why is this so, and if a patch that allows absolute paths
would be acceptable in branch 7.0.

Best regards,