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Re: Enhancement: Notes Field for model ir.rule

Elico Corporation, Eric Caudal
- 30/07/2014 20:54:11
Hi Nhomar,
Seems to me a good idea. Option A seems enough for the moment on my side
Eric Caudal

On 07/31/2014 08:33 AM, wrote:
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When we set a bunch of pre-configurations on ir rules "Manually or Functionally" just so technical people has the enough knowledge to understand what is happening in the domain field, IOH, technical people so frequently doesn't have the Functional knowledge enough to understand why a rule is braking a test or even the simple creation of a record in production or testing enviroment "From a Funtional PoV".

Said that I think we should have an extra field "Notes" type text in ir.rule to be used as "Documentation of the rule" in order to set a module after it which the documentation of the rules or even being able to set the doc of our own rules in OCA.

Whit this we can close these GAP in the specific implementations where we need add rules and re-use them some time after or even create extra modules with this rules that fix really simple issues.

Questions about this enhancement:

¿Do I make an MP and propose for Trunk?
¿Do I make a new module and you think it should not be done in the core?
¿What problems do you think can we face about that?
¿Do you think I am crazy for ask this?
¿Do you think we can have a better approach technically speaking?

What Options do we have:

**A. Simple** field notes on ir.rule + unit tests.
**B. Complex** Take [this]( new approach comming for V8.0 make a backport+extra-needs and not touch this table.
**C. Both**

Why do I make this question public?

Because maybe you solved in other way, you have somthing that solve this of simply you think it doesn't add any value.

Saludos Cordiales

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