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Re: Odoo POS - SAPIN french law compliance

Mind & Go, Mind And Go
- 16/05/2017 11:52:37

Hi folks,

Does anyone has an answer for this part :


I've started a reflexion here :

Florent THOMAS
12, Rue Jean de la Bruyère
66000 Perpignan
Mobile : 06 16 73 40 18
Tel : 09 72 45 77 55
Fax : 09 72 45 84 85

Nouveau site sous Odoo!
Le 31/08/2016 à 10:53, Martin Trigaux a écrit :
On 31/08/16 10:23, Dominique Chabord wrote:
> as far as I know, Odoo certification plan is related to Odoo Saas service.
> With this certification, it is already a straightforward solution for
> both POS and backend.
> Problem remains for integrators who install their own versions.

For Belgian law, we certified the SaaS version but it's also possible to 
use an obfuscated version of the link module on site (as one of the 
requirement is to prevent the user to modify it, not very free software 

If integrators wants to ship a modified version of the POS, it will 
unfortunately need to be certified again (but it also apply for us, 
that's why we certified the 9.0 and not every saas version for instance).

Not sure how different it would be for a french certification.

Martin Trigaux

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