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Re: Proprietary modules for 8.0?

Ondrej Kuznik
- 21/10/2016 11:11:37
On 21/10/16 15:34, Dominique Chabord wrote:
> 2016-10-21 15:46 GMT+02:00 Ondřej Kuzník <>:
>> Well, Odoo marketplace claims you are buying the module for 8.0, also
>> says the module is proprietary, not AGPL. The question was, can the
>> seller apply that licence in the first place?
> He may not but he does, and Odoo lets him do.
>> If they have some arrangement with Odoo that lets them do it
>> (although other emails suggest that used to be the case around the 
>> release of 6.1 but not any more), does that put the buyer at risk
>> instead?
> IANAL, but any buyer is at risk when he buys something which could be
> declared as illegal by a court.
> The risk is perceived as low by all who don't care, as significant by
> all who do care.

Thanks for confirming this. We have an 8.0 customer who has asked us
about a proprietary module found on the marketplace. I have now advised
them that should the seller insist on the module be provided to them
under a proprietary licence, Odoo 8.0 license does not let them legally
use that module.

>> And if Odoo know that the buyer can't legally use that module but
>> sell it to them anyway?
> Again, only a judge could decide whether Odoo is a reseller and if it
> is responsible of license enforcement, considering it doesn't package
> both in a single pack.
> There is very little chance someone asks a judge to tell, and what
> judges say is rather unpredictable imho.
> The safest solution is to not use any proprietary module with AGPL
> module of all kind. Few people are so strict. I am. This is the policy
> I enforce as a large scale hoster on my servers, strictly on V8 for
> which I reject any non free addon (it did happen), but also for V9 and
> V10 for which I don't accept any Enterprise + AGPL combo, despite what
> OCA said. My customers who need such a mix must provide their own
> servers.


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