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[9.0c] Multi Websites and/or Multicompanies with their own Websites or Multi Websites

Andi Becker
- 04/02/2016 22:31:16
It has been asked multiple times already on the list but until now nobody actually posted a Tutorial Step by Step to setup Multi Websites in Odoo 9.0c and/or to setup Multicompanies with their own website/Multiwebsites in Odoo 9.0c

In some videos it looks like it is working, but also here was no tutorial or idea on how to get it working.

Perhaps someone could explain the Steps, starting from an Apache Proxy which rewrites the URLs.

  1. Do the URLS be need to be setup as separate URLs with their each own single Proxy Entries or is an Alias Domain sufficient (like it would be in TYPO3) and than Odoo chooses and checks which domain-(alias) gets called and directs requests to the proper pages?

  2. What needs to be configured and how that an Odoo Instance hosting one Company but Multiple Websites for different purposes would display properly under those different domains in the frontend?

  3. Are there any modifications needed which need to be done in the HTML Editor or View Editor or anywhere else of a certain page. If yes where and what?

  4. What would be the same steps if using a Multi company setting with many websites - at least one for each company?