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Re: Transfer two lines of the same product with different unit of measure

- 04/12/2015 05:05:34
If I put a packaging in the sale order line, I get the same result !

2015-12-04 8:17 GMT+00:00 Lionel Sausin <>:
> If I transfer this picking I get the sum of quantity of 2 lines in 
> default unit of product A.and I don't want this, I want in the tansfer 
> windows with the 2 lines.
This is on purpose, and you're "swimming against the flow" (not using 
the data model to your advantage) in the example you give.

I suppose you're trying to make a picking order where products are 
detailed by packaging. There are probably better ways to achieve this. 
Have you investigated the packaging features in Odoo ?

If you insist on using UoMs for this, what you should record is the 
total quantity in units in the stock moves ("product" tab of the 
picking), and the detail of your UoMs in the pack operations ("transfer" 
wizard in v8, or "operations" tab in v9).

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