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Re: Odoo 9 Accounting: We support your bank

Nhomar Hernandez
- 05/10/2015 05:10:51

2015-10-05 3:47 GMT-05:00 Ondrej Kuznik <>:
And there you come across another issue: If you are a partner or enterprise customer, or otherwise have ever had access to the proprietary code, you cannot develop a replacement for that functionality and if you do, Odoo can send you a nice letter to cease and desist distribution of that code as it would be infringing on their copyright (and you really have no way of proving otherwise).


I agreed it can happen, but for some specific case where we forward port an actual AGPL feature no such letter can come... it is a matter of practicity.

I think (and Fabien can correct me if I am wrong), if we as community CAN develop some enterprise alternative then he will make marketing to his own but I feel He will even open the closed one to mantain their approach only.

If we miss a feature in a upgrade we need simply have a backup plan always (which has been until now in that way).

account_follow up IMHO is a pretty simple feature. 

What about the most complicated ones?

Well the new report engine is open but the report itself are closed source we had already other report tool alternaive all over around... this is an effort that can not be sttoped (ven if something oracle's like happen).

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