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Re: Warehouse setup for multicompany v8

Amit Parik
- 24/06/2015 04:36:14

If you are dealing with the Real Time Inventory valuation then stock move has been effected to your accounting,
Because on only real time valuation  when we do the stock transfer it will creates the stock journal entry

So If you are dealing with the periodical inventory then you don't need to worry about this , you can creates the different WH for the different company and for parent company you can make the consolidation COA .

If you need more info, I can feel free to help you.

thank you!

On Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 1:22 PM, Johan Bosma <> wrote:



You can use one Warehouse for the parent company. In this `logistic company` you will do the logistics transactions.

The Child companies are only for selling.

You have to define also the intercompany transactions from the Parent to the Child companies.




Johan Bosma

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Onderwerp: Warehouse setup for multicompany v8


My requirement is pretty basic. I have 3 companies. 



     - Child 1

     - Child 2


Parent is just for consolidation purpose like accounting (GL), sales/invoice of child companies. These things are working fine.


But when it comes to warehouse, do i have to define warehouse for each company separately? 


All i need is one warehouse with global product's for both child companies. 


From this question, @Alexandre Fayolle wrote it will affect accounting. 


So how can i achieve the same behaviour of global product's for both child companies? 


Do i need to create a main warehouse and 2 child warehouse with pull flow from main warehouse?

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