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Re: Entreprise Edition and Functional Documentation

OPENTIA S.L., Alberto Barrionuevo
- 13/05/2015 17:01:35

Indeed, some free software projects finance have partially financed 
themselves with non-free documentations or non-free compilations of 
their free software (case of the OpenBSD installation CD-ROMs).

Many of our customers would be happy buying a printed book of OpenERP 
and indeed partners offering courses may buy them to deliver as printed 
material in their trainings.

Unfortunately, few or none partners/integrators have enough critical 
mass of customers to write and print them, specially in some languages.

Odoo,S.A. may has such a critical volumen. I don't know if has studied 
the business case of such a initiative.


On 13/05/15 22:28, Houssine BAKKALI wrote:
> Just want to know if the Entreprise Edition will come with a complete
> functional documentation?
> If you're looking for incentive to make the customer get the entreprise
> contract here is one better than a voip module or any paid modules IMHO.
> My two cents
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