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Filter invoices by city and/or tags

Felipe Scarel
- 31/01/2015 20:48:07
Hello all,

I'm currently deploying Odoo with a client, and a doubt arose and I couldn't readily find how to solve this problem. This client sells on a variety of cities, and he asked if it'd be possible to print a report or sort/filter invoices categorized by customer city (or, alternatively, tags assigned to customers).

For example, if clients A, B and C are all from city X, he'd want to show all invoices for clients on city X.

As far as I've researched, it's possible to filter invoices by a variety of parameters, but the only one pertaining to the client is its name. The city/address and tag parameters seem to be available for filtering only on the "Clients" context, which I'm assuming is due to the fact that they belong to the client table or something similar. Therefore, I'd imagine some sort of SQL JOIN would solve that problem, but it doesn't seem to be available through the Odoo interface.

Is this sort of operation supported natively by Odoo, or perhaps by any addons/applications? Or, rather, should I query the SQL database directly to produce that sort of report?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Felipe Scarel
Information Security and Infrastructure Consultant
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