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gunnar wagner
- 09/12/2014 19:03:29

I agree that this list is generally is meant to be used in English so everybody can follow and contribute. On the other hand I think its simplifies life to have a high tolerance level when it comes to enforcing this general guideline.

Gunnar Wagner

Peter van Montfort <> wrote:
No intention to yell.
Just curious if I could contribute.
Thanks for your reaction,
Peter van Montfort
Senior Consultant

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Verzonden: 9-12-2014 11:31:55
Onderwerp: Re: Re[2]: Community
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Hi,  Peter,

We know in this mailing list the common language is English, though yelling is not the right  way to address the issue,

Yet I am not condoning the fact of writing in Spanish, this guys are having a hard time to go-live,

And in desperate times desperate measures, I could think that they can not afford right now to write in English and are looking for people who do speak Spanish so that their issues could be resolved as soon as possible. I am just guessing.

Regarding our partners writing in Spanish, as you can see people can be really touchy when not speaking the common language, so please guys as long as you can make your best and write into English.

Keep calm.

Best regards

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