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Celera Networks
- 09/12/2014 10:10:45
Hello list,

I think OCA should post some rules for this mailing list.

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> Hi,  Peter,
> We know in this mailing list the common language is English, though  
> yelling is not the right  way to address the issue,
> Yet I am not condoning the fact of writing in Spanish, this guys are  
> having a hard time to go-live,
> And in desperate times desperate measures, I could think that they  
> can not afford right now to write in English and are looking for  
> people who do speak Spanish so that their issues could be resolved  
> as soon as possible. I am just guessing.
> Regarding our partners writing in Spanish, as you can see people can  
> be really touchy when not speaking the common language, so please  
> guys as long as you can make your best and write into English.
> Keep calm.
> Best regards
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