Setup of easypost connector for DPD within Odoo v.13

Maysam al Haddan


I am trying to setup easypost connector for DPD within Odoo v.13, but I am getting this error:

"It seems Easypost do not provide shipments for this order. We advise you to try with another package type or service level."

This is my configuration:

Provider: Easypost
Integration Level: Get Rate and Create Shipment
Invoicing Policy: Estimated cost
Delivery Product: [Delivery_008] EasyPost DPD (newly created)
Test API Key & Production API Key: My easypost API'S
Label File Type: PDF
Carrier Type: DPD
Default Package Type: Parcel (Newly created )
      { Carrier: Easypost    
        Carrier Prefix: DPD
        Height: 0  inches
        Width: 0  inches
        Length: 0  inches
        Max Weight: 0,00
        Parcel Code: Parcel  }
Default Service Type: DPDPARCELLETTER

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John Cross
Best Answer

This might be an issue with the Parcel Code. I don't believe it is a required field. However, when a code is selected, it validates your product against the dimensions and weight for that Parcel Code. For instance, if your weight is outside the parameters for the Parcel Code "Parcel", it might give an error like this.

If you take off the Parcel Code, you might have to enter dimensions (since there won't be anything to validate against through the Parcel Code). I'm actually wrestling with how to assign the correct Delivery Package to each product to override the default on the Delivery Method. You may run into this once you take action to get around the current error.