Product variants with configuration (webshop) but different routes Odoo13

Used case story

One of my customers use Product Variants with configuration. 

Depending on the configuration, he assemble a product himself or buys the complete composition


Product FT3000 with variants which can result in 6 configurations.


secondary pressure 100 Bar and 200 Bar

Cylinder connection: LU1, LU2 and RI2

The customer buy on the shop and do the configuration selection. 

Example 100 Bar and Connection LU1

Configuration Result:

Always assemble 

FT3000 100 bar LU1

FT3000 100 bar LU2

FT3000 100 bar LU3

He assemble because there is he put a ring on it. 

Always buy

FT3000 200 bar LU1

FT3000 200 bar LU2

FT3000 200 bar LU3

How to configure this? 

It Is not possible to set different routes per Variant.

It is not possible to make a BOM with the end product FT3000 and use the variants as a component. 

FT3000 100 bar LU1

FT3000 100 bar LU2

FT3000 100 bar LU3

Message: BoM line product SpectroTec cilinderdrukregelaar FT3000 should not be the same as BoM product.

Does that means that I always have to create to products. One for Production and for for Buy?

That means that the customer who ordered must choose between two products. While it should be no difference for customer. He must select one product and do his selection.

Please Help