For construction project accounting, is Analytic Accounts the right method to track the Costing for my projects?


My group of companies is engaged in 4 primary types of business and I would like to know if OPENERP is the correct ERP to help me with my companies. For activities 1, 2 and 3, it seems I would need analytics. So can Analytics help? BTW, there will be over 50 users connected to it.

  1. Engineering and Construction Projects
    Description: Engineer, procure and build projects like power plants, buildings, factories
    Volume: 100 jobs per year
    Duration: from 1 month to 4 years
    Tracking revenue and customer retentions
    Tracking cost of: (a) material purchase, (b) inventory material issue, (c) manpower, (d) sub-contracts, (e) logistic

  2. Facility Management and Maintenance
    Description: Manage facilities, attend to customer calls, track maintenance contracts
    Volume: 20 contracts per year
    Duration: 1-10 years
    Track service requests for followup and closure, including cost.

  3. Services
    Volume: 400 jobs per year
    Duration:1hr to 1 month
    Track Sales, Material Cost and Labour

  4. Trading
    Description: Buying, storing, selling, delivering goods
    Volume:200 jobs per year