Will adding buttons force me to change my platform to from Odoo online

Chris Uyco

We will plan to use Odoo V14.   

One of the new features of Odoo V14 is the ability to have Approval features in our Field Services App.  But right now, the approval feature can only work on Buttons. Since we don't plan to have our Approval process on the DONE button of the Task, we are thinking of creating a new button in the Form.   When we looked at Studio, it didn't allow us to create buttons in the Form.  We saw a video that told us to activate "Open developer tools", chose "Edit View: Form", and change the phyton code there and to add a new button.  

We understand the video and I think we can follow their instructions on how to do this.  

My question is, if we now play around with this code, does that mean that we can no longer keep on using the Odoo online platform and we will be forced to either move to or maintain our system on premise already?  

Here is the link of the video I watched :

It tells me how to create buttons and use Server actions.

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Hi Chris,

As long as you use Odoo Studio or add the code that you need through the frontend you can continue on When you want - or need - to code custom apps you will need to move to or hosting on your own as it's SaaS does not support that.


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Chris Uyco

Thanks for your reply Yenthe.

I understand that if I need to code custom apps, I will need to move to

But what do you mean by adding "code that we need through the frontend"? Do changing some of the code via the codes that can be found in the "Open developer tools", chose "Edit View: Form" option constitute customizing apps already or is still part of the "frontend coding"?

Things such as actions, XML changes, new views etc can all be added or modified through the frontend (under Settings with developer mode on)