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Speed up your production WorkFlow with OdooPLM
Demo Functional
Luogo: Studio 8 - 07/10/21, 17:00 - 07/10/21, 17:30 (Europe/Brussels) (30 minuti)

Speed up your production WorkFlow with OdooPLM
Matteo Boscolo

Matteo Boscolo lives in Cavallino-Treporti, Italy. He works as a freelancer and has his own company: www.omniasolutions.website actually QT-Ambassador and Odoo ready partner since 2010.

Matteo started programming on Commodore 64, and is constantly learning new technologies. Ha has developed several applications in Python csharp and vb6.

Now it is the main mantainer of OdooPLM

In his free time, Matteo enjoys sailing, motorbike riding and photographing.

In this talk, I will show how easy and fast it is to create a manufacturing order starting from a CAD application.

We will use OdooPLM client and OdooPLM server in order to show the entire Work Flow.

We will start from the design phase, going on to the revision process and modification of the prototype, to the final confirmed product. Also, B.O.M. and product will be created automatically from the CAD application simply using Save CAD functionality.

We will also show how simple and clever it is to use a tool such as OdooPLM to make decisions during this phase showing all the tools that offer OdooPLM.

Finally, we will show the complete production process, using the data designed in the CAD application, and showing all the advantages of the PDF document ready in the product, and the fantastic capability of visualizing the 3D WebGL models inside Odoo and how this help the workshop during the production phase.


Is it possible to update a manufacturing order after a product revision?
Which process allows you to create a BOM from the cad application?