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Odoo Spreadsheet: Advanced Features
Demo Functional
Luogo: Studio 3 - 01/10/20, 18:00 - 01/10/20, 18:30 (Europe/Brussels) (30 minuti)

Odoo Spreadsheet: Advanced Features
Nicolas Bassine Business Analyst at Odoo

Nicolas has been an Odoo Business Analyst since January 2017, after working for Total Gas & Power. His main responsibility is to ensure a successful Odoo implementation for a wide variety of companies and businesses. He is specialized in the Supply Chain applications, in addition to the Spreadsheet feature.

The number of analyses that Odoo's Spreadsheet allows you to perform directly in your database is exceptional.

Modeling and manipulating sales revenues, purchases, budgets.. make historical, current, and predictive views will bring your data to life!

In this functional talk, you will learn with a real-time KPI set up, and extra tangible examples, about the advanced functionalities.

Upskill your Business Intelligence practices: Join us!


Which of these are some of the advantages of Odoo spreadsheet?
Can I use the Spreadsheet feature in the Expenses application?