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Artificial Intelligence to Scan Vendor Bills
Demo Functional
Luogo: Studio 2 - 30/09/20, 19:00 - 30/09/20, 19:30 (Europe/Brussels) (30 minuti)

Artificial Intelligence to Scan Vendor Bills
Wynand Tastenhoye Functional Consultant at Odoo

After he graduated from HUB, Wynand started his career at a big four firm in Brussels as an accountant and tax advisor, at which he worked for about 8 years. He reoriented himself about 5 years ago into the ERP business and worked, most of the time, on financial solutions for different ERPs. He joined Odoo in 2018 as a Business Analyst in the Quickstart Consultancy team, and is accompanying customers in the implementation of Odoo based upon their specific needs. His extensive financial experience also contributes to the launch of the product for accounting firms, in multiple countries.

Say "no" to manual bills processing!

During this session, you will be introduced to how your accounting processes can be automated through digitization, using OCR technology. This new feature allows you to easily convert paper invoices into electronic ones with the help of a smart recognition system that makes fewer mistakes than humans! Join us!


Who can benefit from Odoo's Artificial Intelligence?
What is the recognition percentage of OCR on vendor bills?


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