Extreme programming with Odoo, and how not to die trying.

One of the biggest problems with the on-premise deployment with Odoo is the fact that a very simple change in your codebase. A new module or even an Update in Odoo can create huge Issues, even stop your operations.

In this talk we will try to demonstrate how it is possible to reduce unexpected stops using the proper tools and increase your trust in the code changes done by any of your team members. To this, you add the fact that you can hire low and high experienced developers, you can learn how to work with a team without breaking the work of each others with pure tooling, SQA and experience (experience written in code).

Audience: Odoo's Project Managers, Salesman of big projects and High level developers will enjoy a lot this talk.

Note: Even if this is a technical conference, non-technical people will understand how to make things right and propose the right tooling for their teams.

Commercial Points: This talk is completely aligned with the usage of the enterprise in the on-premise instances. The entire approach is about always using one of the tools from the Enterprise Service.


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