2-day training: Odoo 10 MRP


What will you learn?

You will learn how you can implement Odoo MRP v10 to take full advantage of the features that make communication between departments more efficient. Discover the new features for planning production, managing shop capacity, and much more. As the only solution capable of fully integrating ERP, MRP, quality management, PLM, and maintenance into a single unified system, Odoo completely redefines traditional MRP paradigms to add intelligent software to your operations. This training will use practical use cases to teach best practices for anyone implementing Odoo in the manufacturing sector.


This training will help you to discover our MRP application, therefore a basic functional knowledge of Odoo is required. Also, a general knowledge of a production environment is encouraged.

Why should you attend?

  • Business/functional analysts will learn how to optimize manufacturing operations

  • Developers can attain the knowledge they need of the functional side

  • Customers can receive the info they need to decided on implementing MRP for their own company

  • Experienced users/analysts will efficiently learn the new features of Odoo 10

Table of Contents

Day 1

  • Basic workflows in MRP

  • Production orders with and without work orders

  • Timing, blockage, and OEE

  • Master Production Schedule

  • Develop quality control plan with quality points and checks

  • Quality Alert flow

  • PLM

  • Steps for applying a new BoM version

  • Create your custom approval workflows for every type of change order

  • Analyse equipment performance, MTBF, MTTR, preventive vs. corrective maintenance

Day 2

  • Combining MPS with MTO, manual work, and reordering rules

  • Planning from lead times to capacities in work orders

  • Using multi-level and variant BoMs, multiple BoMs for one product, kits vs. normal BoMs

  • Lots and traceability, recording lots during production, checking traceability

  • Costing methods

  • Elaborating on a more advanced use case

Practical Info

Location: Aula Magna, Place Raymond Lemaire, 1 - 1348 Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium

Dates: Monday Oct 3rd to Tuesday Oct 4th

Lunch and drinks are included for each day of this training.