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Affordable solutions for semiconductor & related industries

Looking for second source or the original OEM parts?
Upgrade your existing SAT, SST or CMP tool? Safe handling of thin wafers?

Every day, you are being challenged, to create smaller and more powerful microchips in the cleanest and most cost-efficient way possible. With our expertise in wafer handling tools and wet process equipment, we offer you a wide range of semiconductor equipment products and customized solutions for all your major process steps.

Do you want to extend the life-time of your process semiconductor equipment? Upgrade your CMP tool? SPS Europe works closely with OEM’s, Wafer Fabs and R&D institutes worldwide. Supported by our own full-time service engineers and our experienced sales staff we offer you >25 years of excellent wafer process technology know-how.

SPS Mission
Our mission is to be your one-stop source for affordable semiconductor production systems and consumables, used in semiconductor fabrication, MEMS & Biotechnology.

SPS History 
Founded in 1988, we supply a range of industry leading products used worldwide for Wafer Handling & ShippingWet Process/CMPPhotolithography, and Thin Films (including Diffusion, CVD, Etch).  We develop and customize products in close cooperation with our customers.