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ALGIX Inc. Scientifico
ALGIX is a clean technology company that produces sustainable products using aquaculture and water remediation. ALGIX’s products set the standard for clean, green and low-cost, bio-based feedstock for the renewable plastics industry.
AUST Development, LLC
AUST Development, LLC Scientifico
AuST Manufacturing is a medical device design and development firm from West Valley City, Utah, USA, with broad experience relating to minimally invasive devices and deep expertise relating to cardiovascular catheters. In addition to its development capabilities, they offer a number of novel technologies that can enhance catheter performance and improve production.
Approved Optics
Approved Optics Scientifico
#Optics | #DACs | #Cables | #CableManagement | #fiber | #datacenters
B Positive Plasma
B Positive Plasma Scientifico
We collect high-quality blood plasma to be used in the creation of life-saving therapies. Our donors are compensated for each complete donation. All blood types welcome. Learn more about how you can become a donor.
BioResearch Inc.
BioResearch Inc. Scientifico
Develops and produces highly innovative and advanced products for the evaluation of dysfunction in the TMJ and craniofacial pain for the modern dentist.
Biomed Diagnostics
Biomed Diagnostics Scientifico
Biomed Diagnostics, Inc. changed the world of in-vitro prepared media culture testing when it pioneered InPouch® and InTray®. Products that dramatically reduce lab costs by simplifying culture diagnostics while increasing accuracy.

For over 30 years, Biomed Diagnostic’s innovative culture diagnostics devices have been trusted by veterinarians, clinicians, laboratory professionals in over 60 countries. Our company took shape over three decades ago when a group of physicians doing aid work in the remote areas of Costa Rica. It was there we discovered the need for robust diagnostic tools that could be readily available and combine multiple diagnostic steps in exposed, austere environments.
CareWear Scientifico
The first wearable, wireless light patches for pain relief and recovery, for athletes in all sports. Over 3,500 LEDs per patch.
Coastline International (US)
Coastline International (US) Scientifico
Coastline International has been a trusted contract manufacturer in the USA and Mexico for over three decades. Coastline partners with OEMs to reduce costs and support production
Core Systems
Core Systems Scientifico
Core Systems Manufactures rugged industrial rackmount computers and rack mount LCD displays. We specialize in Rugged PC's and long-life system configurations.
CosmoFrance Scientifico
CosmoFrance inc. - established in 1997 in Miami FL - specializes in the import and distribution of medical devices designed exclusively for non-surgical aesthetic procedures. CosmoFrance manufactures & distributes the following products in the United States:
DHE Computer Systems
DHE Computer Systems Scientifico
Nationwide Computer Sales and Service Call today 888.290.6050 - Put your trust in DHE for sales and service requests. Experience what makes DHE different.
Simple. Affordable. Efficient.
EWC Tecnologies
EWC Tecnologies Scientifico
Browse a variety of efficient and powerful Intel NUCs for your business at EWC Technologies. Check out our selection today and see what the fuss is about.
Fiber Mountain Inc.
Fiber Mountain Inc. Scientifico
Fiber Mountain - The Glass Core Company brings innovation to the physical layer of data center networks. Using sensor technology and software, with fiber
Frog Legs Inc.
Frog Legs Inc. Scientifico
Wheelchair suspension forks lightweight aluminum caster wheels
GenePro Scientifico
GenePro is a global reproductive technology company that manufactures specialized products for the livestock and veterinary artificial insemination industry.
Gulf Photonics
Gulf Photonics Scientifico
Welcome to Gulf Fiberoptics' website
IES Communications
IES Communications Scientifico
IES Communications, LLC (Integrated Electrical Services) We are the national leading provider of communications technology, systems, and services. IES Communications, LLC; The right team to get the job done.