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3T Research Kft
3T Research Kft Educazione
A 3T Research Kft teljes körű szolgáltatást nyújtó szerződéses kutatásszervező (CRO), amely gyógyszer-, biotechnológiai és orvostechnikai eszközöket fejlesztő és gyártó vállalatoknak és más globális CRO-knak kínálja változatos indikációs (leggyakrabban onkológia, szemészet, neurológia, kardiológia és gasztroenterológia) területeken, az I-IV. fázisú és beavatkozással nem járó klinikai kutatásokkal kapcsolatos szolgáltatásai széles körét (pld. projektmenedzsment, engedélyeztetés, hatósági és etikai bizottságokkal kapcsolatos ügyintézés, vizsgálók és vizsgálóhelyek beazonosítása, kiválasztása, betegtoborzás, a klinikai monitorozás, tudományos és orvos-szakértői tevékenység, vizsgálóhelyszín menedzselése, adatkezelés és -tisztítás, gyógyszerbiztonság, -vigilancia, minőségbiztosítás, statisztikai elemzés).
AI4All Educazione
CourseAI is an online learning tool that use Artificial Intelligence to turn the learning experience into a fun experience.
AWE Research
AWE Research Educazione
Awe is the FASTEST GROWING research agency in the region.
Abu Dhabi School Of Management - Owned By Abu Dhabi Chamber Of Commerce & Industry -  Sole proprietor L.L.C.
Abu Dhabi School Of Management - Owned By Abu Dhabi Chamber Of Commerce & Industry - Sole proprietor L.L.C. Educazione
The Abu Dhabi School of Management (ADSM), founded by the Abu Dhabi Chamber is a unique business school in the region, focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship. Our vision is to be a center of excellence for entrepreneurship, leadership and management through the discovery and dissemination of knowledge.

We seek to produce a new cadre of entrepreneurial managers – highly talented graduates equipped in the science of management, who take the lead in innovating, improving and enhancing their environments..

All ADSM academic programs are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs through the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA).

Students are assured of a high quality international standard of education, earning a postgraduate degree that is recognized locally and internationally.

Our University faculty are locally and internationally recruited academics, with extensive teaching, business and industry experience. They and the faculty from Imperial College Business School bring world-class knowledge gained from research and professional experience, giving students a stimulating, practical based academic environment with a strong emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship.
Classes are small in student numbers, allowing lecturers to cater to your individual learning needs
Aezeo Educazione
Centre de formation spécialisé dans les énergies renouvelables depuis 2010, Aezeo propose aux particuliers et aux professionnels des formations et accompagnement à l’autonomie énergétique dans le bâtiment.
Al Huda International School
Al Huda International School Educazione
AlHuda International School (AIS), an aspiration of Dr. Farhat Hashmi, and a dream shared by thousands of Muslims within Pakistan and abroad; is a one of a kind school that provides excellent academic education based on Islamic guidelines. Founded in September 2010 in Islamabad, with a small team of dynamic, sincere and passionate individuals, AIS has grown into a well-recognized educational system within a short span of time.
Alemania Deutschschule
Alemania Deutschschule Educazione
Learning German in Zürich, Bern and Lucerne
Since its foundation 12 years ago, over more than 40’000 people have learned German at our schools. As we only offer German courses, we are absolute specialists in German courses in Switzerland.
Our focus allows us to concentrate on what is important for you: learning German cost-effectively and quickly.
Our German teachers are native speakers and their professional and didactic know-how is excellently trained.
Alisary Educazione
وُلِد مركز العيسري في عام ٢٠٠٦م ، وقد حدد المؤسسون اختصاصه من أول يوم بأنه يتمحض لخدمة الأطفال من لحظة الميلاد إلى سن 12 عاما؛ فيقدم لهم كل ما ينميهم ويطور قدراتهم في جوانب العبادة والعلم واللعب والنوم، وبما يهيئهم للعمل مستقبلا، مهما تغير سوق الوظائف والمهن..
إن النظرة الشــــاملة والمتزنة لاحتياجات الطفل ورغباته كانت أبرز مـيـزة تنافسيـة لمـركز العيسري؛ فقد ابتكر مؤسس المركــز نظرية #خماسية_السكينة : عبادة – علم – عمل – لعب – نوم ،ثم تحولت النظرية إلى مناهج تعليمية وكتب ومجلات وألعاب وخدمات وسلع، وكلها مصطبغة بصبغة خماسية السكينة؛ بحيث لا يطغى مفهوم من الخماسية على بقية المفاهيم، كما لا يغيب أي مفهوم من المفاهيم الخمسة..

Arafa Language School
Arafa Language School Educazione
Arafa Language School delivers an outstanding education whilst ensuring that
Egyptian values are central to school life. We aim to expand the minds of
our students and infuse them with a passion for learning and the ambition to
make a difference in the local and global community. Our mission is to build
a new generation of entrepreneurs, by equipping students with an innovative
spirit and a positive attitude to education, life, and work whilst staying
grounded in their own culture and identity. We believe that students can
only achieve their individual potential through a well-balanced and
progressive education that cultivates a lifelong enthusiasm for learning fit
for a globally connected world.
Ardaykaab Educazione
Ardaykaab was founded in 2016, it is the leading Somali support center for scholarships, admissions, health facilities, and tour links. It is a social enterprise dedicated to making it possible for anyone, to study anything, at any time and in any field of study. We are committed to equality and access to Scholarship and skills training irrespective of gender, geography, economic status, or any other barriers that can so often stunt potential. So we offer a range of supporting that meets the many diverse needs of our students and others in general.
Aspire International School
Aspire International School Educazione
Located in New Cairo, Egypt, Aspire International School strongly believes
in the fundamental role education plays exploring the psychological,
intellectual and social treasures in all students and developing this
capital in order to design a bright future that leads to the prosperity of
our nation and the endorsement to compete globally with a global mindset.
Campus Muristalden AG
Campus Muristalden AG Educazione
Campus Muristalden ist eine führende Bildungsinstitution im Kanton Bern, die vom Kindergarten bis zur Maturität die Kinder und Jugendlichen in ihrer jeweiligen persönlichen Situation und mit ihren spezifischen Interessen, Begabungen und Bedürfnissen ins Zentrum stellt. Die Bildungsinstitution Campus Muristalden setzt neu für die Abwicklung der Kernprozesse auf Odoo.
Candena GmbH
Candena GmbH Educazione
The home of collaborative online learning.

Based on more than 6 years of experience in Internet technologies, education and media industries candena is a multi-award winning learning technologies company founded to enable organizations to reach global audiences and engage them with inspiring educational offerings.
Connect Institute
Connect Institute Educazione
The American University of Yangon (formerly known as Connect Institute) is a social enterprise working to provide equitable access to quality education to all students in Myanmar, regardless of their race, gender, or financial background.
Corporacion Aida Montoya e Hijas
Corporacion Aida Montoya e Hijas Educazione
Enseñanza preprimaria diseñada principalmente para introducir a los niños en un entorno educativo de tipo escolar
ETC specialise in working with small business owners and franchise owners to grow and become more profitable. They were previously using Excel spreadsheets to keep on top of their projects, sales and marketing. They wanted to be able to automate workflows and see clearly, where their associates and clients were in terms of course management. We have implemented a bespoke version of the project management module so they can schedule their associates and plan for upcoming projects with forecasts based on comparable projects and estimate deadlines more accurately. They can now compare forecasts with real timesheets for increased profitability. They also wanted to utilise the CRM, sales pipeline and email marketing functions.
Education and Human Resources Council
Education and Human Resources Council Educazione
The Education and Human Resources Council (EHRC) was created in an effort to align education and human resources policies in the UAE and to ensure education outputs are compatible with future trends and labor market demands which will ultimately support their objective as a nation to build an innovation-driven knowledge economy.
Enap - Escola Nacional de Administração Pública
Enap - Escola Nacional de Administração Pública Educazione
A Enap, Escola Nacional de Administração Pública, é uma entidade vinculada ao Ministério da Economia do Brasil que tem como missão desenvolver competência de servidores públicos para aumentar a capacidade de governo na gestão de políticas públicas.
Implementamos para a ENAP os módulos de: CRM, Website, Eventos, E-learning, Central de Ajuda, E-mail Marketing, Automação de Marketing e Projetos.