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AddBloom SAL
AddBloom SAL Divertimento
Addbloom is full service social media and digital marketing agency with offices in Lebanon, Dubai and North America. Addbloom has grew throughout the years to collect multi-national clients.

Their challenge: local accounting software with many limitations on the reporting, not user friendly and not accessible from outside the office.

How Azkatech, the official Odoo partner helped them: provide their customization on the accounting module of Odoo and unlimited reporting that is basic in Odoo features and hosting the service on the cloud.

Addbloom had a local accounting software but yet missing lots of features and functionalities. Odoo accounting module with Azkatech customization for the Lebanese chart of account and VAT declaration has provided Addbloom with the essential platform to move all their history accounting data to Odoo.

Integrating two level companies to manage the S.A.L and Offshore registered companies from one single platform allowing to have consolidated financial reports, P&L and cash flow.

On another hand, the cloud hosting made it easy for manager to access important information on the go and while abroad and makes timely and informed decisions.
Feer Mcqueen Sarl
Feer Mcqueen Sarl Divertimento
FEER McQUEEN is an international hybrid creative agency obsessed with everything new and different. Ever since their beginning in 2011, they have moved forward with this obsession at heart.
They take care of the whole workflow from branding, design, advertising, animation and even studio production.

The challenge: with more than 70 employees working in multidisciplinary digital industries, covering markets in Lebanon, MENA and Europe, it became challenging to keep the tap on projects, teams, tasks, invoicing, profitability by projects, and P&L by department, product or client.
Azkatech, the official Odoo partner helped them via implementing a single solution on top of Odoo that covered Marketing, CRM, Sales, Invoicing, Accounting, and Project Management, in addition to a full-fledged HR system.

The implementation was finalized before the set in of COVID-19, and it turned out to be a great tool that helped FEER McQUEEN to resume work remotely quickly, with minimum overhead.
After the implementation, reports that used to take days to get done manually have now become available with just a single click, thus providing upper management instant insights to act upon.
IPH Studios SAL
IPH Studios SAL Divertimento
Founded in1998, IPH Studios quickly evolved into a global leader in the localization field, serving over 30 countries worldwide, starting in the US, passing through Europe, the Middle East and reaching Asia. IPH Studios offer a complete scope of localization services ranging from subtitling, dubbing, post-production, voice-over recordings, translation, localization of video games and much more.
IPH Studios trusted Ever Business Solutions to handle their Odoo implementation to help them in the management of their subtitling and dubbing operational workflows including sales, inventory, CRM, Accounting and Project management. With such an evolving and quickly growing environment, new needs have arisen which require a review on all the internal processes in order to tackle new bottlenecks and improve their ERP Environment.
Pixelmob Divertimento
Founded in 2013, Pixelmob is a go-to address for quality post-production and branding services, including editorial, digital color grading, visual effects, motion graphics, and creative consultancy.