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37 events
37 events Divertimento
37 takes your company to the next level with its innovative marketing and event solutions fulfilling its clients needs, 37 was born in Saudi Arabia and it is serving marketing and events across the Kingdom with a highly qualified experienced team of professionals within the events industry, as well obtaining a high-quality marketing and event which helps the operational process to flow easily. We creatively transform our clients ideas and bring it to life, at 37 we are contributing to create a healthy entertaining environment for the people.
Afif Club
Afif Club Divertimento
Afif Football Club is an association football club based in Afif, Saudi Arabia. Founded in 1976, the club plays in the Saudi Second Division.
Ahmed Feheid
Ahmed Feheid Divertimento
أحمد الفهيد، إعلامي سعودي، عمل في الصحافة والتلفزيون لمدة تتجاوز ٢٥ عامًا، ويعمل حاليًا في الإدارة التنفيذية للتواصل والتوعية بالهيئة العامة للغذاء والدواء في منصب «خبير إعلام»، وإلى جانب ذلك يعمل مستشارًا للإعلام والاتصال في عدة جهات حكومية، وعدد من الشركات التجارية الخاصة.
ولديه خبرة في إدارة العلاقات الإعلامية، وابتكار وتنفيذ الحملات التسويقية، وصناعة المحتوى، وبناء الهويات، ورسم الصورة الذهنية.
كما قدم عددًا من المحاضرات الإعلامية، وأقام عدة دورات تدريبية في مجالات الإعلام المختلفة.
وساهم في تأسيس قنوات تلفزيونية، وصحف، ومجلات.
Al-Ahli Saudi FC
Al-Ahli Saudi FC Divertimento
Al-Ahli Saudi Football Club is a Saudi Arabian professional football club based in Jeddah, that competes in the Saudi Pro League, the top flight of football.
Al-Eteemad Club
Al-Eteemad Club Divertimento
Al-Eetemad Club is a Saudi Arabian football team in Sudair City playing at the Saudi Fourth Division.
Al-hamadah Club
Al-hamadah Club Divertimento
Al-Hamadah Club is located in the Al-Ghat governorate in the Riyadh region. Al-Ghat governorate is located 230 km north of the city of Riyadh on the Riyadh-Qassim Expressway.

Al-Hamadah Club plays in the second division and occupies the sixth place in its group.
Albjadyah Club
Albjadyah Club Divertimento
Al-Bjadyah Club is a sports, cultural and social club that was founded in 1436 AH by Abdul Rahman bin Abdullah bin Dakhil Al-Nafi'i.
Alfara Club
Alfara Club Divertimento
Al-Faraa FC is a Saudi Arabian football team in Al-Harq City playing at the Saudi Fourth Division.
Amani Abdullah Suleiman Al-Ayed Advertising Agency
Amani Abdullah Suleiman Al-Ayed Advertising Agency Divertimento
شركة اماني عبدالله سليمان للدعاية والاعلان
Atras Sports Company
Atras Sports Company Divertimento
Atras Sports Company is part of Geer Group, a fully fledged sports club which houses a variety of sport courses and activities for all ages, as well includes a cafe & center to purchase equipmenets relevant to the sports practiced in the Centre
Aura Centers
Aura Centers Divertimento
أفضل صالة ألعاب رياضية للسيدات في جدة ، مجهزة بمعايير عالمية مع فريق عمل عالي الكفاءة لتلبية احتياجاتك ورغباتك
Bait Al Gamal Beauty Center
Bait Al Gamal Beauty Center Divertimento
بيت الجمال هو صالون تجميل نسائي بمدينة جدة يقدم جميع الخدمات التجميلية للفتيات والسيدات ومجهز بأفضل المعدات وأحدث التقنيات ويستخدم مستحضرات تجميل من أرقى الماركات العالمية، يعمل به فريق عمل متخصص في مجالات العناية بالبشرة والشعر بجانب احتراف مجال المكياج وتقدم مصففات الشعر أجمل التسريحات المبتكرة التي تضاهي الموضة ويتوفر قسم خاص لتجهيز العرائس.
Beauty House is a women's beauty salon in Jeddah that provides all cosmetic services for girls and women. It is equipped with the best equipment and the latest technology. It uses cosmetics from the finest international brands. It employs a team specialized in the fields of skin and hair care, in addition to professional makeup. Hairdressers provide the most beautiful and innovative hairdos that match fashion. There is a special section for preparing brides
Bold Agency
Bold Agency Divertimento
Ranked 22nd among world's most successful agencies promoting good. Bold Agency is an integrated advertising and creative services agency, online, on air and in-print.
Bold is located in Saudi Arabia with around 50 employees. They believe that key to success isn't to do different things, but doing things differently.

Having an existing software to manage their projects and a workaround for the CRM, Bold wanted to step into the digital transformation in KSA with the right technology. Bold decided to use Odoo for all operations and integrate the project module with Monday.com.

Azkatech, the Odoo Gold partner KSA helped Bold Agency via implementing Odoo ERP in KSA to manage the following:

CRM, Sales and Purchase system to handle the leads, purchase tenders and the sales cycle, fully integrated with the Accounting module.

A documents management system (DMS) fully integrated with the CRM, accounting and all modules. In addition, Azkatech customized the module to have a bidirectional link between the CRM, emails attachments from one side and document module from another side. The DMS was fine-tuned further to structure the CRM workspace via customer and opportunities.

An expenses module that will allow to submit and justify expenses in a simple way and automatically link them to the projects at hands. Thus, allowing top management to easily calculate the cost of projects. The same, helps managers review expenses and keeps project costs under control.

An HR suite made up of Payroll, Attendance & Leaves mapped to the Saudi Standards.

A customized project management solution fully integrated with Monday.com. The creative team still works on Monday.com thus nothing changes in the workflow for them yet the management benefits from all the insights provided by Odoo.

BrandBuzz Divertimento
Brandbuzz is a Saudi creative agency that specializes in strategic brand insight, advertising and all things digital to tell stories and interact with audiences.
Color Theory, Ahmed Alsunaidy
Color Theory, Ahmed Alsunaidy Divertimento
مؤسسة سعودية متخصصة في بيع الأدوات الفنية والحرفية ، نشحن لكل مدن العالم Art and Crafts supplies

Creation source for printing and distribution
Creation source for printing and distribution Divertimento
Our journey as publishers and distributors started in 2004 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Our passion for books and publishing of valuable works led us to opening our first Office in Riyadh
and gaining a respectable reputation in the Saudi market and in developing a large base of
loyal clients. Quickly our business expanded to become one of the largest book distribution company in K.S.A.

بدأت رحلتنا كناشرين وموزعين في عام 2004 في المملكة العربية السعودية. قادنا شغفنا بالكتب ونشر الأعمال القيمة إلى افتتاح أول مكتب لنا في الرياض واكتساب سمعة محترمة في السوق السعودي وفي تطوير قاعدة كبيرة من عملاء مخلصون. توسعت أعمالنا بسرعة لتصبح واحدة من أكبر شركات توزيع الكتب في المملكة العربية السعودية.
Fawasil Divertimento
Fawasil is an event organizor service providor. They provide services to Gaming events and in any conferences etc.
Fitness and Fun
Fitness and Fun Divertimento
FITNESS AND FUN, a more than 14 years old National company in the business of sports facilities and equipment supplying with International brands that we have all around the Saudi kingdom. We are specialized in undertaking corporate offers to cater to the needs of different companies.
FITNESS & FUN intends to provide customers with the quality products they need to maximize athletic performance and accomplish their physical and mental goals.
We will provide our customers with a knowledgeable staff that enjoys working in an athletic atmosphere and helping others.
We will be located in “Jeddah, Riyadh, khobber ” where there is a high concentration of health-conscious athletics.

Global Company for Modern Printing and Copying KSA
Global Company for Modern Printing and Copying KSA Divertimento
Modern Printing Press is one of the pioneer printing presses in the kingdom of
Saudi Arabia. It was established in 1974 in Al-Khobar, Eastern province of Saudi Arabia.
Great United Co.
Great United Co. Divertimento
Providing a high level environment for women and children with new concepts in the world of Equestrian and Entertainment. - Riyadh - KSA