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AME Costruzione
AME is the official dealer for AGS FRANCE (Automatisme Grue Sécurité) in Qatar. AGS is manufacturer of security products since 2000, specializes in the implementation of technical solutions for cranes and construction sites.Specializing in the design and production of anti-collision systems, Aviation lighting and anemometers, AGS also markets on-board hook cameras.
Osis Group
Osis Group Costruzione
Osis Group was founded in 1999 aiming to improve and add value to the market of Industrial and Superflat floors.

Our Services:

Consulting on existing or under construction Floors.
Design, Study & Installation of Industrial Superflat, Commercial and Special
Upgrade & Restoration of existing Industrial Superflat, Commercial and Special
Survey &Testing of existing Industrial Superflat, Commercial and Special
Areas of Application:

Warehouses and Distribution Centers
Factories & Manufacturing
Food Processing Industries
Pharmaceutical Warehouses
Airport Hangars
Museums, Malls, Exhibition Centers, Hotels
Osis Group Methodology and Experience ensures and guarantees the optimum result for any floor and the most comprehensive and efficient maintenance of industrial, commercial and special flooring.

Our goal is to provide quality services that are constantly being improved, aiming at creating trustworthy relations with our customers, which will be reinforced over time.

Since 2010 Osis Group has created an Engineering and Construction division to provide valuable services to the demanding market of the State of Qatar.

Our Services:

Structural Works
Industrial Cleaning
Salem bin Hassan Group
Salem bin Hassan Group Costruzione
SBHG is the main company of a group consisting of more than 10 companies. They are working in many fields such as services, trading and contracting. They have been established on 1963
UEI Electro Mechanical Industries
UEI Electro Mechanical Industries Costruzione
UEI was established in Qatar in 1990 under Abu Issa Holding Group. They specialize in full design, project management, installation, and maintenance services under the Electrical and Mechanical works. UEI’s professional team is composed of administrative staff, engineers, and technicians. UEI share the pride that in a short period of time, prestigious and technically sophisticated projects have been executed to the full satisfaction of their valued clients. UEI aims at maintaining a high degree of professionalism and providing quality work.

They are able to form a substantial team capable of Grade A MEP certification ready to tackle the most challenging projects. Since 1999 UEI has been determined to assure that their projects have been executed on time to the full satisfaction of their valued customers with complete professionalism, persistence, and hard work. They believe that it is important to support Qatar’s agenda to achieve an advanced state of highly developed sustainability to last many generations to come.