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 Eltouny Elevators Company
Eltouny Elevators Company Costruzione
Eltouny Elevators Company is a leading company in the design, manufacture, and supply of complete elevators and its components parts in Egypt and the Middle East. Eltouny is a private-sector group of companies that started operation in 1964. Our products are supplied to most of the companies in the Egyptian market and also exported worldwide.
With our long-term experience and development of technology, strict quality control, and know-how of more than fifty years, we have shaped the industry and defined the best practices as a mobility manufacturer. Eltouny Elevators Company not only has succeeded in putting customer safety first, but also offering our passengers a great sense of pleasure.

Today Eltouny Elevators Company offers a complete lift solution by becoming an authorized distributor and certified installer for renowned home lifts companies in the UK and Europe. Eltouny is proudly the certified distributor for Stiltz Home Lifts, Terry Home Lifts, PVE Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, and Acorn Stair Lifts in Egypt.
AA Engineering Trading Co. LLC
AA Engineering Trading Co. LLC Costruzione
A.A. Engineering and trading is a company specialized in American Boilers and Water Heaters, which excel in their high quality and liability and can even withstand the local climate and water conditions. Our products are one of the most reliable in the market and stand out due to their ecological efficiency and long life.

Owing to our wealth of experience and knowledge accumulated in more than 30 years we are able to provide you with reliable technical service, a quick installation, and ongoing support.

To maintain our performance and achieve the goals we are caring to develop our employees and provide a pleasant work environment while supporting a culture of continual improvement.
Alsaf is an advanced construction and Real estate Company that specializes in 3d Modeling, Civil Engineering, Real Estate, and Construction.
Alsaf is using odoo to intersect its 4 main specializations in a seamless one-stop solution.
Al Safa for Engineering and Construction Co.
Al Safa for Engineering and Construction Co. Costruzione
Al-Safa is a leading company in the Middle East and North Africa, established in 2014
by a qualified staff having experience and specialized in supplying and installing electrical
equipment owing to industry for more than 20 years. Al-Safa is an independent company that
has shown continued strength and success. we provide a "turn key project" for control and
electrical power engineering solutions to a number of major clients across a variety of industry
sectors in Egypt and middle east.
Aljanobi Constructions
Aljanobi Constructions Costruzione
Al Janobi Contracting Est Known as Al Janobi is a private Co. operating within the Industrials Sector Focusing on Construction Contractors, Engineering & Building Materials. Al Janobi is Based in Dammam, KSA. Provides civil, electromechanical contracting and maintenance for infrastructure, heavy and buildings projects; provides installation of water pipelines.
Alshams Costruzione
AlShams For Contracting & Engineering Works is classified in Egypt as a first class company according to
the Egyptian federation for construction and building contractors.
The company’s performance excellence and efficiency has prevailed in the completion
of hundreds of projects throughout the past 33 years in different construction fields
Arabic Identity for Contracting
Arabic Identity for Contracting Costruzione
Arabic Identity for Contracting is a leading end-to-end contracting company providing all types of building requirements for companies and mega projects.

The company’s expertise in this field ranges from helping in defining requirements and issuing tender documents to selection of optimal supplier(s) to supplying through our large network of suppliers worldwide or through our factories to providing maintenance and operation services.
Centerpoint Egypt
Centerpoint Egypt Costruzione
Center Point is one of the most innovative and integrated practices in Egypt since 2011
Egydrill Costruzione
شركة إيجي دريل مصر لاعمال الحفر والمقاولات واحدة من ضمن شركات المقاولات والانشأت التابعة للهيئة الهندسية للقوات المسلحة والمسئولة عن عدد كبير من اعمال المقاولات
وأنشاء الكبارى فى جميع انحاء القطر المصرى وواحدة من اسرع الشركات تنفيذا للمهام بما يتواكب مع استراتيجة الدولة فى مواكبة الرؤية المصرية فى التطرير فى جميع انحاء جمهورية مصر العربية
وتماشيا مع الرؤية السياسية كان لشركة ايجى دريل دور بارز فى المشاريع التنموية ومنها مشاريع تنمية سيناء والذى تم فى ضوئه عدد من المشاريع اهمها انشأ كوبرى تقاطع شرم الشيخ - دهب فى زمن قياسي

بالاضافة الى مشروع بتقاطع طريق العلمين الضبعه / أمام مطار العلمين
وكما عاهدتكم شركة إيجي دريل مصر بالمساهمة فى المشاريع القومية والتنموية قامت الشركة بالمشاركة بمشروع مترو الأنفاق الخط الثالث المرحلة الثالثة من محطة بولاق الى محطة جامعة القاهرة.
تقوم شركة إيجى دريل مصر بتنفيذ أعمال الأساسات بخوازيق أقطار 2.4 م ، 1.5 م وأعماق حتى 40 م طولى وقامت الشركة بتنفيذ أعمال التجربة للخوازيق بنجاح بإجمالى 2250 طن
Engineering Construction Co.
Engineering Construction Co. Costruzione
The Engineering Company for Reconstruction was established according to law 159 of 1981 and is considered one of the leading companies specialized in the field of Real estate investment in Egypt. The company has many achievements in its implemented & delivered projects to its clients since it delivered more than 1500 residential units, commercial and touristic complexes.
GMC Modeling Egypt
GMC Modeling Egypt Costruzione
GMC is one of the leading construction companies in Egypt, providing a wide array of top-quality services and solutions in infrastructure, commercial, residential and landscape projects. We pride ourselves on being highly experienced in all aspects of construction, delivering our services professionally and in a timely manner.
Our team utilizes their professional skills and expertise to manage a wide range of diversified projects ranging from private developments to commercial and industrial, ensuring outcomes that exceeds clients’ expectations. Our aim is to maintain the highest level of professionalism, integrity, honesty and equity with regards to our relationships with suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and clients.
Gamma for Security Systems and Constructions
Gamma for Security Systems and Constructions Costruzione
Gamma security systems was established in 1993 in Egypt and thereafter, a branch was established in Dubai in 1993 till 2004 ,Since 2014 till present, Alfa Security Systems LLC was founded in Dubai as a branch of Gamma security systems.
Moreover, Gamma security systems is an Egyptian/ Saudi Arabian company since 2018 aiming to bring together the skills, knowledge and expertise of a range of entrepreneurs in the security systems solutions. We are highly qualified in the high-end integrated security solutions technology, project management and service delivery and operate as a continuously learning organization.
The directors have over 18-year industry experience and have matchless enthusiasm and particular attention to detail. Our team’s goal is bringing global systems & expertise to provide the most secure environment. Combined with the highest levels of systems engineering, we became one of the most significant integrated systems houses around.
Gate Development
Gate Development Costruzione
Gates Developments is one of Egypt’s most dynamic property development companies. Our philosophy is all about challenging perspectives. At Gates Developments, we simply believe in the power of the space we live in. We are convinced that design is primarily responsible for the behavior of the community. That’s why we aspire to creating daring shapes and designs. Inspired by nature, these new shapes will be bringing Gates Developments communities to life.

H&A for trading and constructions
H&A for trading and constructions Costruzione
H&A is a leading company in the field of plumbing, contracting and specialized supplies.
Insumat Costruzione
INSUMAT is a part of OSMAN GROUP OF COMPANIES, a pioneer company in Egypt and the Middle East for manufacturing waterproofing materials. It started since 1974 and is still the leading company in the field of waterproofing membrane.

With our high caliber laboratories, we produced a wide range of product varieties that suites all types of constructions needs. INSUMAT produces the oxidized bitumen membrane, modified bitumen membrane, and bituminous emulsions and solutions which comply with the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality and also with The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) .
INSUMAT had also achieved the ISO standard 9001/2000.

INSUMAT is covering a big percentage of Egyptian market plus the Middle East , North Africa and the Far East.
Jedar Construction Company
Jedar Construction Company Costruzione
Jedar. provides experienced, knowledgeable and skilled professionals to manage all phases of your construction project.
We handle all types of construction and are experts in Redecoration, Renovation and Refurbishment.
Jinet Costruzione
JINET is a full-service landscaping company with a straightforward and unique
design/build philosophy.
JINET is made up of a group of highly skilled Experienced landscaping
professionals and Engineers that were managing best quality landscape
communities in Egypt and building unique Designs for private gardens. Who pays
a lot of attention to small details, where you can share your thoughts and idea's
with to bring them, in collaboration, to life.
Project Case study:
The Design Challenge
In all projects phases:
We understand that your property is a big investment and we want our customers
to know that we are there for them to help them accomplish the dreams that they
may have for there property. From new construction landscaping to existing
landscapes that need a facelift, our professional staff helps you.
Conceptual design, detailed design, construction, operation and maintenance we
consider and apply:
 High quality
 Unique designs
 Value engineering
 Sustainability
 Most effective operations
 Best areas efficiency
 Multi purpose usage
 Saving irrigation consumption
 Irrigation water testing and treatment -Environment friendly pesticides and
Jozoor Landscapes
Jozoor Landscapes Costruzione
Jozoor Landscapes has a proven capability in providing complete Design & Build packages that include all construction and infrastructural works. Together the partners combine their experience in General construction and Architectural consultancy and Technical Office services, with the know-how gained from delivering over USD 2 Billion in landscape, electrical, and lighting projects. Established in 2019 in Cairo, committed to achieving customer satisfaction, Jozoor Landscapes focuses on providing safe, sustainable and quality works through cost efficient performance to international standards.