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Fly OYA International
Fly OYA International Altri Servizi
OYA International Aviation. They provide
distinguished passenger and air cargo services on
board our aircraft. OYA Aviation associates ambition
with hard work and always strives for your comfort.
● The choice of the name OYA for the company
came in relation to the city of Tripoli, which
was given this name by the Phoenicians in the
seventh century BC.
● It is a limited Libyan company that was
established in 2018 to provide the best air
transport services. The company’s
headquarters is located in the capital, Tripoli.
● The beginning of its operations was through a
fleet of Airbus A-330 aircraft to secure its
foreign trips.
● It officially started operating its flights in April
2022. Its first destination was Istanbul.
● Become the first choice for the honorable
● Establish a growing and high-performance air
transport network linking Libya to the world.
● Contribute to human development and the
local economy.
● Satisfy the stakeholders by improving income
and creating a new sources of development.
مغسلة طرابلس الالية
مغسلة طرابلس الالية Altri Servizi
مغسلة طرابلس الآلية لغسيل السجاد والمفروشات والصالونات
الخدمات (غسيل السجاد الآلي-غسيل المفروشات-غسيل الصالونات)